About Armor Games

Here you will find information about the people who Run and Maintain Armor Games.

If you ever need to contact us in writing, here is our company address:

Armor Games Inc.
16808 Armstrong Ave.
Suite #205
Irvine, CA 92606

  • DannyAG

    Getting busy playing....

  • ventralchaos

    Web developer (PHP, Laravel, JS, Angular, and HTML5). World Champion. World Record Holder. Team USA.

  • Ferret

    The slinkiest AG denizen. Noble towards the kindhearted, protector of the innocent and slayer of the despicable.

    Loves: AG Community, ferrets, video games, rock climbing, D&D, tea, urban exploration, geology and you!

    Dislikes: Spammers, chain letters, mean folks, there only being one piece of pizza left in the box. Really guys?


    Have spam? Please flag all spam by using the flag icon. Since I work on many different projects, I likely won't be able to get to your spam in a timely manner. If it's critical, please post it to a moderator.

    Premium Content Problems? Contact me by E-mail at Ferret@ArmorGames.com and be sure to include your username and the issue you're having.

    Bored? Add to my Ferret Gifs.

    You can find me on Twitch here:
    ArmorFerret on Twitch!

  • jroyster22

    ATTENTION: If you are having trouble with recovering your username, verification link, premium content, offensive language from users, etc. Please email me at Justin@armorgames.com. You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of the date it was originally sent EXCEPT on saturday and sunday. Thanks!!

  • lroot

    I'm a web developer and architect living and working in northern Washington.

  • Tasselfoot

    I'm the sponsorship / game guy for ArmorGames. If you want to get your game featured on Armor, please email me at tasselfoot@armorgames.com! I also used to make walkthroughs. They're still pretty popular. I also used to run Flash Flash Revolution.

  • boppins

    I'm a backend/web programmer for Armor Games.

  • Gantic

    The White Rabbit is:
    (b) a HERO.
    (c) the COMISSIONER of Count to 100.
    (d) kinda weird.
    (e) all of the above!
    (f) ________. (Leave a comment below.)

    What most people need to realize is that
    not everyone is the same and that's okay.
    Reaching Out and Touching No One
    Written Nothings
    Lore and Other Things
    Gantic Romantic
    Yesterday and Tomorrow

    Can I be a Moderator?
    What is a Merit?
    What is the best baseball team?

    E-mail me at Gantic@ArmorGames.com for issues with
    • your account
    • the community
    Please include [your username] and [reason for contact] in the Subject of your e-mail.

    General questions can be asked in the comments

  • MrDayCee


    Good day I bid thee! This'ere gallant knight in trewe and loyal service to the Kingdom of Armoria, be member of the Praetorian Guard. As an ever sanguine feeling, jesty and friendly character by nature, I be always eager to aide me yon good folk of the ArmorGames community in any ways.

    Perchance thou hast thee a problem? Best oft check yonder the Support Forum, for'tiswere thou may quickest find thine answers! If thou wishes a direct way, oft simply ye ask me hither at mine profile by means of proclamation or thou send for a message through email. (MrDayCee@armorgames.com)

    Hark now, for thou shallst best take heed to and liveth by the Kingdom's Laws and Biddings to Proclamation as were thee respectable citizens of Armoria. Ne'er shall ye defy nor forswear them as -in truth aye- yon actions shall befall just warning and with persiverance -forsooth- thy will be swiftly acted upon with proper smiting by me sturdy banhammer.

    Getst thine activity up in yonder forums and I shallst see thee anon! Go to! All Hail Armoria! Huzzah! Huzzah! =)

    If you are an artist and want to show your work to our community, try visiting our Art, Music & Writing Forum!
    And maybe you want to critique my personal creations, or post suggestions for me? Please! Feel free to check out my own art thread: MrDayCee's Dabblings! (ಠ_ಠ)

    Wanna have some fun? Go ahead and challenge me in a battle at "Tanki Online" where I roam the fields...


  • ferret_minion

    This is a test account. ~Ferret

Community Moderators

  • Moegreche

    "Whatever has the air of a paradox, and is contrary to the first and most unprejudiced notions of mankind, is often greedily embrac'd by philosophers, as shewing the superiority of their science, which cou'd discover opinions so remote from vulgar conception." - David Hume Treatise of Human Nature Book 1, Part II, Section 1 Also a heart felt thank you to @Blackbeltr0 for my awesome new Armatar! Before you ask, I'm a brain-in-a-vat. If you'd like to discuss scepticism (to which BIVs relate) or any other matters philosophy, feel free to drop me a line!

  • Strop

    This ninja is: changing gears.

    Sometimes I create.

    And sometimes I deviate.

    News and Stuff

    I have just sat the written portion of my FRACP. It is difficult to say how confident I should be of passing, and we won't know until the 2nd week of March. That's when I find out whether I will progress to the clinical component in July.

    The Way of Moderation has ended! Thus marks the completion of four and a half years of collaboration, writing, drawing, even music making, of yelling at people and continuously delaying updates, of going on an extended hiatus without really knowing why, of Cen and I nutting things out and butting heads and getting headaches. It's been a long ride.

    What if I told you this was just the first iteration, and now it has to go through a polishing process?

    The Way Of Moderation

    This is the story of The Way of Moderation!* Also known as one of the biggest (not to mention longest-running) OCTs ever made.

    Story Archive | Story Summary | AG Locations | The victestants

    * following this fictional tournament will not make you a moderator.


    Round 1: The Invitation

    Round 2: Welcome

    Round 2 1/2: Intermission

    Round 3: Dodgeball

    Interruption: Whodunnit?

    Round 4: Steeplechase

    Round 5: The F-Bomb

    Round 6: Unwrapping

    Round 7: Interrogation

    Round 8: Round of 8

    Round 9: The Biggest Balls of Them All

    Round 9 1/2: Preparations

    Round 10: Day of Reckoning


    Round 11: For Great Justice

    Round 12: Rhapsody


    The End


    Strop has an alter ego: Strip the ninja filly. It's Zophia's fault.

    Please leave a message after the ~strop


  • MRWalker82

    ~Member of the Mod Squad~ Rule 1. MRWalker is never wrong. Rule 2. In the event you feel MRWalker is wrong, refer to Rule 1. I'm baaaaack!!! (sorta) I've been busy with my businesses, so it's been hard to find time to kill on AG but I'm trying to spend a bit more time on teh interwebz, so if you need me, leave a message. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Unless I don't like you. If you are posting to report someone you need to enter the URL of the thread showing the incident. You do not need the bbcode tags, just the url. Here are a few helpful links for those of you who don't know what you are doing. Read these before asking your inane questions. If you need something else, ask someone who cares. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES: Obey!! or don't... Don't feel left out! Chat with other newbs All your questions already answered! The answers to life, the universe, and everything!! AG Forum Search

  • Zophia

    Please consider reading the Help Page or Guide to AG for useful information.


    Please make sure you're well informed about a subject before you finalize your opinion.
    Always check your sources.


    [actual about]
    Hi, I'm Z, also referred to as Zoph, Inco and a variety of other things.
    I could apply a bunch of labels to myself to sate random curiosity here, but if you wanna know my stance on one subject or another you can just ask.

    My not-on-AG time is typically spent gaming, creating (drawings, music, sculptures) or dealing with this silly thing known as "real life".

    All your licorice are belong to me.
    [/actual about]

  • Reton8

  • Freakenstein

    The dawn of time breaks,
    see the sun rise to the sky.
    The wheel of time begins to turn.
    But then we heard it,
    a divine voice out of nowhere.
    Spoke to our hearts and showed the way....

  • weirdlike

    weirdlike on other networks

    If you sometimes think someone is looking at you all weird like they want to beat you up or something.

    If you feel weird like your tired but still manage to somehow stay up for another 3 hours.

    If every time you talk, people look at you all weird like "wtf did you just say?"

    If being in a room full of people makes you feel weird like you need to throw up.

    If you feel weird like staring at a fridge full of food and can't find anything to eat.

    If you are reading this right now and are starting to feel weird like you just noticed that the words "weird" and "like" come up next to each other in conversation frequently.

    Then you're not the only one

    If you notice yourself using those words or hear someone else use those words, think of me, post on my profile and tell me your story of weirdlike

  • UnleashedUponMankind

  • kegaumongo

    Keep calm and speak Catalan...

    "Hi ha un límit per al temps que es pot estar segant la gespa sota els peus de la gent; quan els pobles desitgen realment un canvi, res no els pot aturar"

    Anna Politkóvskaia ||*||