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Get ready to join a clan, rank up and fight for your existence in the planet wars.
Clans can participate in the planet wars and claim planets to make their clan famous.
Participate in PvP arenas to fight other players 1on1 or in death match.
Upgrade your ships and weapons to gain in defence, attack, power and utility.
Mar 14, 2014

MMO space shooter with numerous weapons, upgrades and abilities. Explore the galaxy and collect space junk to gain resources for new technologies.

Planet Wars:
Join a clan and claim a planet to gain Troons for fame and glory.


Explained in-game

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November 13, 2014

A few more bug fixes while working on a larger release. - Fixed locust hatchery multiple hit bug. - Fixed health bars on scaled enemies. - Improved scatter gun CPU and memory performance. - Fixed a bug where PvP button used excessive memory. Have fun!

November 12, 2014

Hey! We have done some bug fixes the last couple of days. - Fixed a bugged weapon crate with Zero Gland. - Fixed warp out from Survival to the correct solar system. - Fixed an inconsistency that did not let you change artefact setup on a planet. - Fixed spelling errors on Judicator - Fixed bug where changing ship in PvP caused various errors. - Fixed sync issue with angle on synced multi spread projectiles: scatter gun, astro lance, boomerang, etc. Gl hf!

November 5, 2014

Hey all, We have done some tweaks to Survival and fixed a few bugs. We are also working on a larger PvP patch, but I can't give you a release date yet. Survival - Less elite enemies. - Bosses are more difficult. - Enemy speed is capped to 450. - Fewer enemies have extremely high aggro range. Other PvP rewards are now back to normal. Bug Fixes - Fixed a crash bug when creating a new account. - Fixed a death line bug. - Fixed jump/glitch bug on Queen, Moth Alpha, Vicious Blade, etc. - Fixed respawn bug. Good luck and have fun!