90 1M
Get ready to join a clan, rank up and fight for your existence in the planet wars.
Clans can participate in the planet wars and claim planets to make their clan famous.
Participate in PvP arenas to fight other players 1on1 or in death match.
Upgrade your ships and weapons to gain in defence, attack, power and utility.
Mar 14, 2014

MMO space shooter with numerous weapons, upgrades and abilities. Explore the galaxy and collect space junk to gain resources for new technologies.

Planet Wars:
Join a clan and claim a planet to gain Troons for fame and glory.


Explained in-game

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April 15, 2015

Hello everybody, it's a great sunny spring day here in Stockholm, Sweden and It's time for a new update! This time we bring you lots of bug fixes, improvements and a brand new ship - the Vanquisher which sports 3 new weapons. See full list below: New: - Vanquisher ship with 3 weapons - Weapon cooldown now visible on weapon icon - The easter Easter Egg weapons can now be copied. - The easter ship is available for sale for 750 flux in Fulzar Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug where the speed of ships would be incorrectly displayed to other players (mainly effecting explorer and tanker). - Fixed a bug where pets were not correctly removed on player warping/leaving a system - Fixed a bug causing crashes related to pets - Fixed a bug where an instance could freeze - Fixed a bug that could cause game to hang when recycling artifacts - Improved engine effects for some ships Balance Changes: - Reduced HP, Shield-HP, Shield-Regen and some resistances of the following enemies: - Aureus Sidus - Aureus Judicator - Bionic Queen - Bionic Deamon - Bionic Macropahge - Bionic Plankton - Nezerian Dreadnought - Assassin-T29: Increased Energy Bonus to +75% - Golden Gun: Scatter Shell: Increased damage by 15% - Razor: Increased pvp damage coefficient from 90 to 100% - Plasma Torpedoes: Increased pvp dot coefficient from 80 to 100% Fly safe and have loads of funsies! /The Astroflux Crew

April 1, 2015

Happy Easter! Hello all, we’ve got an eggy new version for you all today! Some happy Easter surprises and free (!) gift to all that logs in during the weekend, it will only be available during the period 03/04-05/04 PST. These bugs have been fixed: - Pet damage are now counted as their owners damage. This means that damage by pets will give you drops. - The game could crash for some special drops. But not anymore! - Fixed a graphic bug with mines that caused the image to move when activated

March 31, 2015

It’s time to release our new drop system! 

This is a something that has been requested by players for a long time. Starting today all drops in friendly systems will get assigned to a group. The group is determined by how much damage that group did - plus our friend mr Random. We’ve also fixed various bugs with the chat + added some color to group messages. Fly safe and have funsies!
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