Blade Hunter

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Money for Honor Players level 47 and above and who have completed all plot quests up to that point can access the Money for Honor system. To access this panel, click the Money for Honor button, located at the top of your screen.This system is used to obtain Honor through various events and activities. These events include: killing monsters, defeating an army, and saving a city.
Sidekicks Sidekicks can be used in battle after being successfully recruited (see the recruit panel to recruit them).Sidekicks will follow character into dungeons and fight by his/her side. Also, players can set Sidekicks to follow so that they will appear with the character in cities and towns.
Dungeon Bosses Epic boss battles awaiting you!
Arena The Arena offers a great environment for players to fight against one another. Opponents are matched based on character attribute data collected by the server.
Jan 23, 2014

Blade Hunter
Action RPG / Side-scrolling
An insidious evil is on the rise. Master powerful forgotten arts in this dynamic action adventure with a retro flare.


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