Brain Storm

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To evolve, you need to build your city. The buildings and the people who live in them are essential. By developing them, you will gain knowledge fragments, genium, experts, vehicles, extractors and more.
Experts will help you in your quest by analyzing the knowledge you discover. Their skills vary, so choose wisely to maximize the impact of your missions.
Fascinating and sometimes unusual, the knowledge is out there, waiting to be discovered. The more you knowledge you accumulate, the more energy you will have to fuel your exploration missions and attacks.
Discovering knowledge is only the beginning. You must be prepared to master it to reveal its true potential! Successfully answer questions and be prepared to reap the rewards.
Jul 17, 2014

You are a leader in a world where knowledge is synonymous with power.
Explore the world, exploit its riches and master its knowledge in this challenging quiz-based strategy game. Come play with knowledge!


Explained in-game

August 20, 2014

Dear Brain Stormers, Besides the increased number of camps and the daily bonuses, more great changes are coming! -Two new servers have been launched Aristotle and Darwin are here to welcome more players! -Geniapedia access modified It is now free to access answered knowledge units and fragments, the cost to unlock new articles has been lowered and unlocked articles remain unlocked for the entire length of the game. -Attack mechanics modified You can attack the same target multiple times. The negative consequences for a stolen fragment is now a deactivation of 5 minutes (down from 24 hours). Successfully defending against attacks grants you 50% of the energy used by the attacker (up from 15%). And numerous bug fixes. Previously added: -More Camps The camps are now spread more evenly around the world to make your exploration easier. - Daily bonuses Earn energy and genium each day when getting back into the game Have fun! The Genia team

August 1, 2014

Dear Brain Stormers, Some great changes are coming today! - As from 1pm EDT new servers will be launched, each one featuring 150% more camp sites, including in areas that were lacking camp sites; - Genny will reward you with extra resources each day you get into the game; - Minor bugs have been fixed to improve the balancing. Enjoy!

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  • Quests
    - Tundra/ Canopy - Buschcraft/ Harpoon/ Sled

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