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Jan 4, 2013

Bush Whacker 2 is a mix of adventure and RPG. Taking place in the magical lands of Bush Whacker where (apparently) anything your heart desires can be obtained by taking a sword to the nearby bushes.

Win gems, gold, magic and power! Complete the puzzles to restore the lands, rescue trapped critters, and find untold treasures!. Help the inhabitants solve their ridiculous quests and customize your character in countless silly hats, capes, gloves, and glasses!



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Bushwhacker2 Wiki

This is a fan-made wiki dedicated to the Facebook (Kongregate and Armor Games) game Bush Whacker 2. We hope the information presented here will help you whack bushes better. News, updates, tip and tricks. It is all here and in depth. Having trouble or problems working your way through the Secret Areas? Missing out on decortions or Gear items? Then come to the wiki.

Recent Edits

  • The Torrid Top Thumbnail
    The Torrid Top
    File:The Torrid Top Banner.png
  • Tutorial Shore Thumbnail
    Tutorial Shore
    As you are sailing across the ocean, your ships are overtaken by a vicious storm. After blacking...
  • Quests Thumbnail
    As with most action-type games, there are two types of quests: the main storyline quests, which...
  • Mounts Thumbnail
    Giddy up cowboy! Or cowgirl! Or cloud rider! It's time to mount up and make whacking bushes even...
  • The Forest Detour Thumbnail
    The Forest Detour
    The entrance is located south of Field 3 next to the rocks. The puzzle has 30 and the bushes are...

Popular Articles

  • The Great Ocean Thumbnail
    The Great Ocean
     Areas Island 1 Forest Tutorial Shore · The Mysterious Forest · Your House · The Commons · The...
  • The Mountain Peak Thumbnail
    The Mountain Peak
    The Nineteenth Secret Bonus Area can be accessed by finding the secret entrance in the Mountain...
  • The Terrifying Traverse Thumbnail
    The Terrifying Traverse
    The Twentieth Secret Bonus Area can be accessed by finding the secret entrance in the Terrifying...
  • The Windy Crest Thumbnail
    The Windy Crest
    The Fifth Secret Bonus Area can be accessed by finding the secret entrance in the Windy Crest...
  • Amicus Isle/Eye wear
    Name DescriptionCost 3D Glasses See Bush Whacker.... in 3D!15,000 Sci-fi Visor Beep beep!20 Eye...


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