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Jan 4, 2013

Bush Whacker 2 is a mix of adventure and RPG. Taking place in the magical lands of Bush Whacker where (apparently) anything your heart desires can be obtained by taking a sword to the nearby bushes.

Win gems, gold, magic and power! Complete the puzzles to restore the lands, rescue trapped critters, and find untold treasures!. Help the inhabitants solve their ridiculous quests and customize your character in countless silly hats, capes, gloves, and glasses!



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This is a fan-made wiki dedicated to the Facebook (Kongregate and Armor Games) game Bush Whacker 2. We hope the information presented here will help you whack bushes better. News, updates, tip and tricks. It is all here and in depth. Having trouble or problems working your way through the Secret Areas? Missing out on decortions or Gear items? Then come to the wiki.

Recent Edits

  • Decoration Items/Fields
    Name Description Cost Source Coffee Table 250 The Mysterious Forest Basic Shrub 200 The...
  • Currency
    There are various currencies in Bush Whacker 2. Players can pay real world money for facebook...
  • Quester’s Satchel
    Quester's Satchels are rewards given in certain repeatable daily quests, that contain random...
  • Farming
    As of 7/20/12, players can grow crops at their house to generate additional Gold or Energy...
  • Fishing Thumbnail
    Note: You cannot use the Fishing Hole in the Molten Core without the Lava Fishing Pole. There...

Popular Articles

  • The Commons Thumbnail
    The Commons
    This is the first (and currently only) major hub in the game. The Commons grows as you find more...
  • Companions Thumbnail
    Before you are able to own a pet/have a companion, you must complete the prerequisites in order...
  • Power Trinkets
    Contents[show] Power Capacity Trinkets Power Odds Trinkets  Items Gear Hats · Capes · Eyewear ·...
  • Mana Trinkets
    Contents[show] Mana Capacity Trinkets Mana Odds Trinkets  Items Gear Hats · Capes · Eyewear ·...
  • Gold Trinkets
     Items Gear Hats · Capes · Eyewear · Swords · Gauntlets · Pets Trinkets Main Page · Energy ·...