Call of Roma

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Call of Roma is a free-to-play empire-building strategy game based on and set in ancient Roman Empire. Players must build and upgrade buildings, create jobs, research technologies, recruit and train troops, build and fortify walls continuing the cycle until Player becomes Emperor.
An interesting part of Call of Roma is the military system which is based on the roman army system, consisting of principes, hastatus, sagittari, speculatores and many other roman troop types, only waiting for you to lead them into glorious battle.
Start as a Consul of the Roman Empire and rewrite history, bringing order back to Rome. Recruit heroes, train devastating armies, conquer lands and forge your empire. Battle other players and monsters with immersive real-time strategic combat as you rampage your way across a massive world map.
Join leagues and participate on different events, Call of Roma has many surprises to offer. Study civil technologies like agronomy,logging, hammering, mining, financing, architecture, scholarship, reperation and many more. Get higher ranks from citizen, aedile, censor, quaestor, tribune, dictator, caesar and many others.
Jul 4, 2013

Onward, Emperor! Lead your legions to victory and bring glory to the eternal city of Rome! Heed the Call of Roma and take control of roman legionnaires, built fortresses and settlements. Rise to power in the greatest Empire of all times. Heed the call and fight for the glory of Rome. Experience our 6x Wild Drop Event, Play now.


Explained in-game

November 21, 2014

[NEW SERVER: Server 5 PROBUS Launch] We are glad to announce the launch of new server (server 5) for Call Of Roma at 22:00, 11/20/2014 (server time). We hope the new server will bring you all more excitment, fun and good game experience. Final notice and events will be posted soon in the community forums. Help us spread the news of new server launch. Kindly note that the new server is COR I version. Thankyou MMO51 team

November 21, 2014

[PROMOTION PACK] First Payment Pack (Server 5) MMO51 help you grow faster,during this event any player who makes First payment on the call of roma Server 5 "Probus", you will not only get the payment promotion reward but also get the 1st payment pack as reward bonus. kindly note that this payment pack is only available to players who have not made any payment on the account before. Event Time : 11/20/2014 09:01PM Eastern US Server time to 11/30/2014 11:00AM (Eastern US time)10:01 Servertime on 11/20/2014 to 11:01 Server time, 11/30/2014 First Payment Pack 30$: 60-Dollar Payment Pack*1 60$ Payment pack contains 40000 Crops, 40000 Lumber, 40000 Stone, 40000 Iron, 1 Sample Motivational Speech, 1 Sanctuary Bill, 1 Mercury Acrolith, 2 Archimedes Formula, 10 Bugle, 1 Ebony Box. First Payment Pack 90$: 90-Dollar Payment Pack * 1 90$ payment pack contains 80000 Crops, 80000 Lumber, 80000 Stone, 80000 Iron, 1 Sample Motivational Speech, 1 Sanctuary Bill, 1 Hippodamian Plan, 2 De Architectura Papyrus, 2 Politics Essential, 1 Mercury Acrolith, 1 Faunus Statue, 1 Anabasis Alexandri, 10 Bugle, 1 Snuff Box, 1 Ebony Box, 1 Trinket Box. Note: 1. To avail the payment packs the transaction amount should be 30$ to 89$ and 90$+ in single transaction and this payment is only applicable to gamers who have not made the first payment on their account on Server 5 2. Please pay attention to the duration of event 3. Only a Single Payment reach the specified amount, can receive corresponding Payment Gift and the payment pack gifts. 4. After complete the purchase, Gift will send to you automatically in your account
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