Call of War

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BUILD UP YOUR NATION When war is coming you need all the resources you can get! Prepare your country to gear up for the big battles of World War II.
RESEARCH MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES Unlock and level up your ground, air and naval warfare units to get the advantage you need for victory!
FORGE ALLIANCES AND MASTER DIPLOMACY Who is your enemy? Who your ally? Choose wisely whom to trust!
ENGAGE IN COMBAT ON HISTORICAL MAPS Choose your strategy to win the big battles of World War II! Control air, land and sea units and rewrite history!
Aug 12, 2016


In Call of War, you take the reigns over a multitude of nations during the darkest hours of human history: The Second World War. You have to build up your cities, expand your country, manage your economy, bargain with other rulers, spy your enemies, forge strong alliances and build a powerful army to prepare for the call of war. You have a great strategic overview over a huge historical map, on which you can order your commands and see your armies move in real time. Everything is possible in Call of War.


Explained in-game

April 20, 2017

Dear Generals! In times of war, every good strategist requires regular status updates: How many casualties? How weak is our enemy currently? They want to compare themselves to each other, but only one can be the best! From now on it will be possible to check your progress in real time. This means: Your statistics will be updated immediately and you will be able to literally watch how your ranking gets higher and higher. Up until now statistics were only updated once per day. Go in and win! Additional Changes: Players of same team in team/coalition games now have shared map as default relation. Added an animation to the Goldmark balance change in the resource bar. We also added several improvements for mobile devices. Enjoy the game and good luck! Your Call of War Team

February 17, 2017

Dear Generals, this month’s report has again awesome new features for our community. During the last month we released a new map, which gives you the opportunity to experience the game in a completely new way. Here are some facts: ● The provinces have hex field shapes. ● It is a point­symmetrical map with one main island and several small islands. ● It is made for 5vs5, 5 players on each side of the island. Perfectly suited for alliance games. ● Every player starts with 22 provinces. ● Everything is perfectly balanced for both teams. ● Multiple AI countries can be conquered for an additional advantage. ● The terrain is designed to create multiple fighting hotspots with different possible strategies. ● The resource distribution & player positions within a team are designed in a way to encourage different roles and focuses (like land offensive or air & naval support). ● The research cost and times are reduced by 50%. To achieve the best game experience on this new strategical map we recommend to create maps with enabled peace period and starts when full settings. The map is a Gold Feature. This means, to enter the map you will have to pay 5.000 Gold or be part of the High Command. With High Command you have for example access to following additional features: ● Join other Gold rounds, such as anonymous rounds and maps with Elite AI. ● Set rally points to make it easier for your units to get in position. ● Queue your buildings, think ahead. ● Your units will be able to listen to advanced fire control commands. ● Share the the information you gathered with your allies. ● Upload pictures in the newspaper to give your article the ultimate visualization. Additionally we implemented a feature that shows you instantly the estimated production/construction time in the panel. Also our diplomacy list will now order players correctly (active players, inactive players, AI) We wish our Generals a lot of fun with those changes, and feel free to share your best strategies with us in the forum. ;) Your Call of War Team

January 17, 2017

Generals. The time has come for you to jump into the year 1939 and experience Call of War in a completely new way. New opportunities are opening up. Create new scenarios, try new strategies. Meet new friends and enemies on the new historical world map. Here are some nice facts about the map for you: Number of players: 25 players. Research: The map starts at day 14, this means several researches are unlocked already. Stronger countries: Germany, USA, Great Britain, France, Japan and Russia. Weaker countries: Tibet, Mongolia and Xinjiang. Resources: There are fewer occurrences of resources, but the production will be higher. The map represents the political power structure of 1939. Choosing a weaker country gives you the possibility to play on a higher difficulty and try your strategies against other players. This is also a nice addition for our role play community. Write your own stories and breath life into the map. Furthermore we have some more changes and improvements: - From now on you will be able to see in the province overview if the owner of the country is an AI-, active or inactive player. - While being at war with another country, patrolling airplanes would not attack, this behaviour has been adjusted. - The player information in the diplomacy menu wasn’t always accessible. This error has been resolved. We hope you all had a very good start into the new year. Your Call of War Team
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