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Battles: fierce battles outside the City, in instance dungeons, in World map, in Faction Battle and World War. No matter with single mode or team-up mode, all will provide players exciting challenges.
PVP/PVE in Arena: not just you can choose to fight against a NPC or a real player, you can also choose to fight with the help of your Epic Heroes.
Build up: main city, decoration, annexed lands, wild lands, they're all in your hands.
More fun: abundant of rewards and bonus, no only for daily quest, but for all events.
Nov 28, 2013

In Castlot, players are asked to choose the Factioin they're going to join in, which were divided in the year of 449, when darkness plagues the people of Britain. Players can build up their own glorious cities and level up their heroes up to Lv.140. Enjoy the battles in Explore with 10 different instance dungeons, players can make it in sigle mode and team-up mode. Twelve floors in Babel Tower waiting for you to challenge. Various PVP and PVE scenes in City and World, players can also wear Cards to be more powerful, and with the help of Patron Beast the battles will be more fierce. Every month there're exciting events happen, more bonus, more rewards, more fun.


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May 27, 2014

Routine Maintenance on May 29 Time: 04:00, May 29 (EDT) Bug Fixing 1. Fix the bug that some Famous Cities' level didn't match with their Troops. And after the update, some Famous Cities' level will be changed. 2. Fix the bug that players could not send heroes to scout expeditions if they were in Subcity. Improvement 3. Players will still be able to exchange for items in 3 days after exchanging activities end, including Ultimate Explore and others. 4. Players will be able to claim bulk mail attachments at one shot. And mails with claimed attachments and those with unclaimed attachments will be marked differently. 5. Adding new character avatar. 6. Card Synthesizing will be changed and Card Recasting system will be added. Note: After the update, players' Blue Cards and Purple Cards will be upgraded to Purple Cards and Yellow Cards respectively; Green Cards will remain the same. For example, if a player has 3 Production Cards I, one in green, one in blue and one in purple before the update, then after the update he'll have 3 Production Cards I, one in green, one in purple and one in yellow.

May 12, 2014

Routine Maintenance on May 13 Time: 04:00, May 13 (EDT) Bug Fixings 1. Fix the bug that players could still dispatch troops for Explore when they have troops in Explore expedition. 2. Fix the bug that the Duration time was wrong when players located and attacked footholds by coordinates in Grail Hunting (the second stage) and World War. 3. Fix the bug that the city order in "Troops" panel of "ARMY" didn't consist with the city order on the left side of the Main City. Improvement 4. The Honor Emblem panel of Rosy Road to Glory will disappear in 3 days after the activity ends, by then the Knight Badges will expire too. Please claim your rewards of the activity in time! Castlot Team

March 19, 2014

Routine Maintenance on Mar 20 Time: 04:00, Mar 20 (EDT) Bug Fixings 1. Fix the bug that the conqueror's names have disappeared when the Team-up relic was still occupied by them. 2. Fix the bug that when searching the player in the page of the seized city, the player's faction info was shown wrong. 3. Fix the bug that when the player resumes game after selecting to hide Building Name, the display is in disorder if the player selects to display building name again. 4. Fix the bug that the slider will be raised to the top after the player recalls and repatriates Alliance Garrison. Improvements When the amount of resources reaches 100,000,000, the unit will be changed from K to M. Castlot Team

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