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Gameplay! Hardcore or Casual, Ten Minutes or Ten Hours.
Graphics! Sets a new audiovisual standard for a cross-platform web & client game.
So Much to Do! Stunning variety of quests, goals and challenges.
Systems! PvP, Company, Events, etc, features of an MMO and more.
Mar 27, 2014

Awesome 3D MMORPG in a massive industrial fantasy world! Steambikes, swords, airships, sorcery and steampunk science in a fully realized urban universe! Join and play for free!


Explained in-game

January 28, 2015

Dear players, City of Steam: Arkadia will be temporarily offline beginning at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on January 27th. This downtime includes the game, as well as the website and forums, in order to migrate the server and perform overall maintenance on the data to optimize your gaming experience. Please understand that such a process can take a lengthy time to complete, and thus the maintenance team estimates that we will be offline almost the entire day. We apologize for any inconvenience that this will cause, and plan to send out a compensation package to all players. The City of Steam: Arkadia Support Team

January 20, 2015

Hello everyone, The third Monday in January marks a special day to celebrate the hard-earned diversity, it’s all for one freedom fighter and dream pursuer – Martin Luther King Jr, so make sure to make THIS DAY a day on, not a day off, and we’re pleased to announce that hosts of events have been planned for the annual MLK Day, let’s roll them out: One-day 50% Recharge Bonus Always the best opportunity to store up Electrum, the bonus is great! Starting from 00:00 server time January 19th, players who power their character up will receive 50% more E as bonus, no-strings-attached. As always, the bonus will be valid for all dedicated players of our platform partners. All Nexan citizens will have 1 day to enjoy the generous bonus! Battling for the Paramount Shield The Paramount Shield is definitely some awesome component for all CoS players. Missed out the chance to get the shiny and rare Golden Battlegear at the New Year Party? Here is the chance to shine with another one! All those who power up during the MLK Day will have the opportunity to boost up. MLK Day Special Packs In addition to all above great bonus, players on both US and EU servers will get a special pack to celebrate MLK Day, check out the item list: 5x Lucky Scrolls 5x Energy Stones 5x Miraculous Health Jab 200x Bound Electrum Bundle The free pack will be mailed out before the events wrapped up on Tuesday. 50% Off for Electrum Goods It’s some great opportunity to store up in-game resources. Players who purchase Resources, Cosmetics, Pets and other Consumables in the next 24 hours can save 50% Electrum or Bound Electrum. Be sure to grab anything you need before the chance slips away. Always feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Make sure to stay connected for more news, updates and events from the CoS official website.

December 31, 2014

Greetings all, Finally we are bidding farewell to 2014 and ushering in a brand new 2015. A million thanks go out to all CoS players for building up such a vibrant community since the game re-launched almost a year ago. 2014 means a lot to City of Steam, we got greenlit on Steam, expanded CoS to European regions and reached more players in Europe. We’ve been seeing the fastest growth for City of Steam ever in this year as well, cooperating with great platforms like Facebook, Armor Games, Yahoo and Wildtangent give CoS the opportunity to cover most of the players in the west. We’d like to thank all our partners for efforts they have done, and the sure thing is, there is still quite a lot of potential out there in the upcoming 2015! But firstly, it’s time to light the undiscovered 2015 up with some awesome events. More Electrum, Last Chance in 2014 During the 3-day long (starting from 00:00 server time November 30th) party, players who power their characters up will receive 50% bonus for all purchased Electrum. If you missed out the chance at Christmas, no worries, stick to the New Year’s Party. Like always, the bonus also works for all dedicated players of our platform partners. Snatch the Golden Battlegear Set The rare Golden Battlegear would be a great New Year gift for all Nexan warriors, especially those who love PvP considering what bonus it offers. There are several ways to get this iconic set: 3 components will be up for grabbing in the next 3 days, be sure to seize the opportunity if you are ready to store up Electrum. In addition, Electro Charge and Lucky Wheel are another two places to get the Golden cosmetics, if you’ve had some Lucky Scrolls available, why not take a spin? Bound Electrum, no-strings-attached What’s more, all players who access the game in 2014 and 2015 will secure a free bundle containing Bound Electrum, Exp Potions and Vehicle Parts, without any strings attached. Time to clear some space of the Backpack. Last but not least, we wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to a far more exciting 2015!
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