City of Steam: Arkadia

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Gameplay! Hardcore or Casual, Ten Minutes or Ten Hours.
Graphics! Sets a new audiovisual standard for a cross-platform web & client game.
So Much to Do! Stunning variety of quests, goals and challenges.
Systems! PvP, Company, Events, etc, features of an MMO and more.
Mar 27, 2014

Awesome 3D MMORPG in a massive industrial fantasy world! Steambikes, swords, airships, sorcery and steampunk science in a fully realized urban universe! Join and play for free!


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September 30, 2014

Hello CoS Community, Starting from the debut launch for CoS more than 2 years ago, thanks to our long-time and zealous fans, we’ve been seeing and receiving great feedback pouring into the development of CoS. A lot of those posts are really effective bug reports – from possible exploit flaws and quest issues to nice typo catches. We feel thrilled to know that CoS players care for this Steampunk world like we do, and it means CoS has a very vibrant community spurring us on to great efforts. We think it’s one of the most valuable assets to build up City of Steam. To express our sincere gratitude to players who continuously report effective bugs or issues, we created a unique in-game title named “Exterminator” (even the name sounds cool, huh?) in the new patch. We planned to use this special title to honor those who deserve it most. The ass-kicking title is gonna scare a bunch of steamy pests in the City State of Nexus, for sure! Clockroaches, Bladeroaches and of course the Grandfather Clockroach, lol. Exterminators are going to clear the floor! Think about what they did to all the bugs. And this time, we decided to let players help us pick the nominees, here is what we need basically (please post under this post: 1. Nominate a player (yes, could be yourself :P); 2. Why he/she/you is qualified to get nominated (with posts, etc); 3. Leave the relevant character and server info. Meanwhile, the team will start looking through the all-time bug reports on the forums and Ticket backend, the first 10 Exterminator Forerunners will be announced next week, along with the Exterminator Title delivery. We look forward to meeting with the very first gang of Exterminators!

September 29, 2014

Hi everyone, To get rid of the annoying Power display issue, the maint team is going to close down all servers in around at 11PM, PDT, September 28th (Find your timezone here: During offline time, we will complete optimizing the CDN service as well, which means downtime for both US and EU servers should be approx. 2 hours. Your patience is appreciated.

September 24, 2014

What we're gonna talk about today is one of my favorite Mercs. It looks much bigger and Steampunked than normal CoS roach minions, it's...gigantic. Those rolling gears built inside the monster make them agile and quick, and they taste like? (Maybe I can ask an Orc, lol) Magmaroach Ability: Melee Attack Ability: Shatterdaze VII - Hit a single target, deals x% damage, has a y% chance to Stun for several seconds. Now, we prepared everyone a chance to receive this awesome Mercenary FOR FREE, time to brainstorm: 1. Write up your thoughts on his abilities, appearance, etc, everything related to this megabug under relevant post on our forum (; 2. Or create him a life, a history, all the roach mobs need to know their bloodline; 3. Or write and post whatever you can think of, kind reminder, don't end it up as "toasted" or "roast". Basic Format: Playing Server: US1/US2/US3/EU1/EU2/EU3 Character Name: xxx Comment: “They eat Dwarves….” Be sure to get post up your comments or stories by this week, when deadline comes, we will pick 10 best story-tellers, each of them will receive a Mercenary Card – Magmaroach as their winning reward.