Clash of Olympus

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You can obtain a new hero by using the Hero Card you have collected. Heroes of different god races possess various abilities, which is a unique feature of COO. Is it wonderful that you can command a group of heroes to reward the right and punish the wrong?
Skills include unique skills and ultimate spell. Unique skills are available when the anger figure reaches 100. You have chances to release final skills if you use unique skills.
Pets can significantly raise the stats of players, especially their Hit Points. They serve as irreplaceable partners in your journey to explore the world.
The equipment can enjoy stats bonus with Soul. The higher enhance level the equipment boasts, the more Souls can be injected.
Jun 6, 2013

Clash of Olympus is a side-scrolling turn based RPG. The story line of this game is based mainly on those Olympian Gods while a few deities in Norse mythology will also come on stage here.


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