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Invest your talent points into one or all of three class specific skill trees. Thousands of combinations to accompany varying play styles.
Fully customizable avatars. Choose everything from gender to hairstyles down to eye color and skin tone.
Hundreds of unique monsters to fight. Each has its own unique attributes to keep players on their toes.
Hundreds of unique loot to collect including chestpieces, rings, weapons, and even pets to fill a 12 slot inventory. Mix and match to increase your stats or just for aesthetic appeal.
Dec 19, 2013


In the world of Terus, amidst the billowing clouds that stretch high and far beyond the highest mountain of Gaius, are continents that swim even higher. In the darkest of times, an evil has awaken that threatens all who live there. The best Action RPG in the clouds! Build your character how you want: be a warrior, wizard, monk, or even a hybrid! Discover new lands, slay monsters, collect epic loot, and become a hero!


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