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[LOCKED] Just a question. Mods lock when you see this post, thank you. last post 2 965
What is the best way to get AP without spamming? last post 20 1,596
[LOCKED] Hey, if you get a new armatar i think that your posts before that should have your old armatar. Who agrees last post 4 935
New system of getting points. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!! last post 50 3,192
merits last post 2 1,006
Ap and positions last post 1 1,111
commenting problems last post 8 1,036
Suggestion for S&S: Minimum Posts last post 19 1,811
If you get a merit.. last post 13 1,815
[LOCKED] Friend Arrangement last post 5 1,134
[LOCKED] New way to contact people PEASE READ last post 44 3,358
[LOCKED] Quick question last post 6 1,140
[LOCKED] Go away last post 2 1,096
Game points last post 24 2,409
There is no way to find your post in a topic last post 0 954
Ap last post 6 1,084
A quick question about points last post 3 1,013
New armatars. last post 68 6,074
RPG game last post 16 1,613
[LOCKED] posting help last post 13 1,689