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[STICKY] New RP/RPG Announcement Board last post 2 10,269
[STICKY] [GUIDE] How to create an RPG in this forum last post 179 70,444
[STICKY] [GUIDE] How to create an RP in this forum last post 38 21,526
[LOCKED] [STICKY] [RULES][LIST] Forum Games Rules and Popular Forum Games last post 2 958
[STICKY] [GUIDE] How to play in an RPG in this forum last post 98 43,309
Robots VS. Aliens (Robot and Alien RPG) last post 26 190
Arena Simulator last post 168 1,494
Life Of an Escaped Clone (''Deathmatch'' RPG) last post 384 15,559
_ENTER COMMAND_ ('Script' RPG) last post 77 798
After the Storm ~ New Beginnings last post 46 297
Ultimate Medieval RPG last post 59 439
Hypersuits (mech RPG) last post 327 5,864
Humanity's Last Stand RPG last post 27 132
All guns (made by keyboard.) last post 383 306,880
Count to 100: The Secret Quest Revealed! last post 6,336 190,666
You're banned last post 50,976 1,984,583
Operation Overlord: Alien Invasion RPG last post 77 486
The world of TOME! (RPG) last post 495 21,235
Choice (Super-Power RPG) last post 45 401
Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Dumb Answer last post 2,922 130,035