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[STICKY] New RP/RPG Announcement Board last post 9 4,547
[STICKY] [GUIDE] How to create an RP in this forum last post 39 19,883
[STICKY] [GUIDE] How to create an RPG in this forum last post 176 65,220
[STICKY] [GUIDE] How to play in an RPG in this forum last post 99 40,151
[LOCKED] [STICKY] [RULES][LIST] Forum Games Rules and Popular Forum Games last post 1 8,379
Cycle Online - Aerie's Prophecy last post 29 350
End of Days(Zombie RPG 3rd and final remake) last post 3 25
The Future Market (Futuristic RPG) last post 5 32
Armor Gamer Championship last post 2,839 114,135
Kickstarter for new action RPG last post 3 18
OBJECTION! Chaos edition. last post 202 1,758
Shattered Armor (ArmorGames based RPG) last post 288 3,130
Life Of an Escaped Clone (''Deathmatch'' RPG) last post 232 6,045
^, <, V game last post 6,599 318,224
The Longest Sentence in History last post 329 10,395
The Unfortunately, Fortunately Game last post 2,530 125,108
Above user's avatar appears out of nowhere in your bedroom while you sleep. What do you do? last post 1,834 61,069
You're banned last post 47,580 1,699,825
Edit the Quote last post 1,958 99,574
Rate above users name!!! last post 2,213 134,843