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You know you've spent too much time on armor... last post 703 196,787
take a letter, make a letter, save a letter, replace a letter last post 351 25,548
Spot The Mistake!! last post 3 119
Who Did it? last post 0 99
Mafia game!! last post 3 149
high school rpg last post 166 8,662
The Dragon's Treasure [Kickstarter] last post 8 173
Left For Dead RPG last post 504 26,979
The Average Cheese Lover last post 25 359
Into the Mainframe (ArmorGames RPG) last post 64 1,376
Guess The Above User's Age last post 2,490 174,193
The Day: A Survival RPG last post 518 12,854
RPG kickstarter (mabe signup) last post 2 105
What You Failed to Mention last post 471 31,300
Who do you miss on Armor Games? last post 127 5,983
[LOCKED] [Necro] Stick War RPG last post 116 11,172
RPG - The battle for Vandea Signup thread last post 22 449
Corrupted Isles; Economy based forum game by yours truly <3 oh, and its kickstarter. last post 0 106
Shattered Armor (ArmorGames based RPG) last post 1,037 63,629
Unknown forum game by a known forum game creator last post 12 223