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Upgrade Game Comments! last post 27 3,654
[LOCKED] Locked last post 9 1,261
[LOCKED] Any dates or updates in AG3's timeline? last post 3 1,306
[LOCKED] Special armatars last post 3 1,155
[LOCKED] New flagging system last post 10 2,388
[LOCKED] [already built] Friend Search Engine last post 1 1,033
[LOCKED] Newest Updated Games Category last post 1 1,010
[LOCKED] Administrator's Picks Category last post 2 986
[LOCKED] Top Rated Games Category last post 3 1,542
[LOCKED] [already built] activity stream alert system (was: comments) last post 3 1,146
[LOCKED] Bugs found on the beta last post 2 1,037
[LOCKED] online chat (private chatting) last post 2 1,279
[LOCKED] AG pts for medals on games last post 1 1,091
Have I ever left a comment for this game? (was: Comments) last post 11 1,902