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Just a random thing, but will favroted games be carried over to AG3? last post 1 932
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Being a long time member last post 8 1,375
AG3 last post 1 1,064
Armor Games v3 is ripping off Kongregate last post 8 1,486
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Who is excited about there being achievements? last post 3 1,049
I want old Count system back last post 1 1,119
Login? last post 5 1,220
Newcomer Videos last post 9 1,555
Profile suggestions last post 15 1,921
on ag3 i think there should be achiments to get armor points do u last post 3 1,157
Where i can access my profile? last post 2 1,130
Suggestion about the future layout last post 11 1,699
[LOCKED] Random game button!?!? last post 4 1,402