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[LOCKED] Ideas about Armatars, Visitor forums, and more last post 10 2,058
[LOCKED] [dup] Are forums working in AG3 yet? (was: Forums?) last post 1 1,150
[LOCKED] The purpose for this entire forum (was: Improve V3!!!!!!) last post 1 1,393
[LOCKED] [faq] where do i find out about the Reputation system? last post 1 1,430
[LOCKED] [dup] Custom profile themes (was: A small taste of flavor) last post 4 1,393
[LOCKED] Organizing Favorite Games last post 7 1,418
[LOCKED] [ans] WHEN will it be launced? last post 1 1,454
[LOCKED] [planned] Suggestion: Ask a Moderator last post 6 1,674
[LOCKED] clubs/ clans/ guilds last post 1 1,082
[LOCKED] Is there going to be a user cleanup? last post 2 1,434
[LOCKED] [duplicate] polls in the forums last post 3 1,414
[LOCKED] [duplicate] suggesting similar games (was: Armor "Playlist") last post 6 1,505
[LOCKED] [duplicate] private user-to-user chat (was: Armor Games v3 Chat bar) last post 6 1,735
[LOCKED] [duplicate] User List or Search? last post 5 1,924
[LOCKED] Searching last post 2 1,341
[LOCKED] will there be a lot of new games on AG3? last post 10 2,071
AG3 Calendar: March 8, 2011. Codename: Spatha last post 7 2,047
[LOCKED] queries about ag3 last post 6 1,412
[LOCKED] Will AG3 have new armatars? last post 10 2,226
[planned feature] Add Movie-Like Ratings to Games last post 20 3,708