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[LOCKED] "Who's got me added as a friend?" System last post 8 1,711
[LOCKED] [dup] Classic Chat Room/New Forum last post 1 1,216
[LOCKED] Clans/Crews/Groups last post 1 1,240
[LOCKED] [all of them duplicates] A bit of Ideas =) last post 1 1,172
AG3 Calendar: May 24, 2011. Codename: Club last post 17 2,579
Profile Search last post 14 2,232
[LOCKED] [dupe] polls (was: Mmm you know how people do...) last post 2 1,170
Searches Answers (I don't care if you lock this, I want answers) last post 3 1,436
Where is my beta code? last post 21 2,843
[LOCKED] Searching Armor Games last post 1 1,110
[LOCKED] How will AG3 deal with Hackers? last post 6 1,620
[LOCKED] Topic search in Fourm last post 3 1,563
[LOCKED] Name color! last post 16 2,607
[LOCKED] [dup] Forum (text) Colour? last post 5 1,525
idea: view counter on profile pages (was: more ideas for AG) last post 16 2,685
A random game button last post 9 2,680
List of AG3 Testers last post 36 3,708
show play stats over time (was:Popular games) last post 7 1,429
Game reviews forum last post 14 2,434
[LOCKED] Seasonal Armatars last post 4 1,693