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[LOCKED] When will karma points be available on AG3? last post 1 1,437
[LOCKED] Help Button (for live chat with mod/admin) last post 2 1,251
Following game creators to see games they release (was: Idea :P dunno if already planned) last post 1 1,107
"View All games by this author" last post 5 1,467
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[LOCKED] When AG3 arrives? last post 1 1,281
[LOCKED] [already suggested] Suggested Games last post 4 1,355
[LOCKED] Please Reply On This Important Message! last post 5 1,471
[LOCKED] [dup,faq] When do I get my invite code? (was: Armor Games 3 beta) last post 3 1,538
Suggestion - High scores and games played in profiles last post 3 1,219
Country Flags last post 3 1,783
[LOCKED] What should the site look like? last post 4 1,614
Rating System last post 15 2,399
Help and 'Getting Started' pages for AGv3 last post 9 1,895
[LOCKED] SUPER KARMA! last post 31 4,009
My (Krizaz) review of AG3.0 last post 29 4,198
[LOCKED] [dup, already planned] live chat (was: Chat mode?) last post 1 1,414
[LOCKED] Flash video - suggestion last post 12 2,049
[LOCKED] [dup,already planned] build a 'showcase' (was: Art Idea) last post 5 1,515
[LOCKED] Saving progress last post 14 2,348