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How high quality will AG3 be? (more details inside) last post 2 1,553
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[LOCKED] Will you guys keep the same armatars in AG3? last post 1 1,358
is there an ag v4 planned? last post 18 2,577
"You have not played this game yet" last post 5 1,704
How long will the process of AG3 take? last post 5 1,547
[LOCKED] Game Submitting for AG3 last post 5 1,697
[LOCKED] Polls last post 0 1,606
[LOCKED] When will I get my beta code? (was: AG3 quick question) last post 2 1,587
[LOCKED] Poll Voting last post 1 1,498
Armor Games No Credit Game Submission last post 1 1,530
[LOCKED] Underline option last post 14 3,287
[LOCKED] Locking Topics. last post 15 2,342
[LOCKED] Rating threads last post 1 1,317
add a "suggestion box" (was: a reccomend button for the suggestion) last post 2 1,726
Questions about the Reputation system (was: Complaints of AG3) last post 13 3,392
[LOCKED] When will karma points be available on AG3? last post 1 1,636
[LOCKED] Help Button (for live chat with mod/admin) last post 2 1,396
Following game creators to see games they release (was: Idea :P dunno if already planned) last post 1 1,248