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Changes to the Forums last post 31 3,619
[LOCKED] [dupe -- PLEASE browse the forum before posting!] random game button last post 1 1,630
[LOCKED] will AGv3 look different? last post 3 1,481
[LOCKED] will AGv3 have a chatroom? last post 1 1,319
[LOCKED] [FAQ] Do I need to create a new account for AG3? last post 7 2,235
3 Suggestions to bring in "customers" last post 12 2,407
[LOCKED] [AG3] Introduction blog post last post 13 4,115
[LOCKED] Putting images in your profile last post 6 1,802
[LOCKED] [4/5 ideas are duplicates] My AG3 Wishlist last post 17 2,426
[LOCKED] [read the FAQ sticky!] Does anybody know when AG3 actually comes out? last post 2 1,623
[LOCKED] [duplicate suggestion] Player donation last post 7 1,676
AG3 Calendar: February 8, 2011. Codename: Sabre last post 27 3,458
Featured Games last post 11 2,626
[LOCKED] AG3 should have a a-z system last post 2 1,334
public scoreboard API last post 7 2,018
[LOCKED] AP for high scores. last post 5 1,452
auto updating comments last post 4 1,552
[LOCKED] [like the 50th duplicate post] So when is it out last post 3 1,583
[LOCKED] I have a forum's idea last post 3 1,323
[LOCKED] Armor points last post 4 1,386