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[LOCKED] News Board about 'AG3 Testing'... last post 3 1,971
[LOCKED] i dont think the karma points thing is going to work well for many ag users last post 36 4,837
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[LOCKED] Achievements last post 2 1,837
[LOCKED] pivots??? last post 4 1,971
[LOCKED] Putting back the "Random Game" Icon last post 10 2,569
[LOCKED] Embedded Videos in Threads/Posts last post 12 2,733
[LOCKED] Suggestion: New Armatars last post 41 6,571
[LOCKED] Armatar catagories last post 17 2,920
[LOCKED] Topic Popularity last post 22 3,884
[LOCKED] Debate forums last post 9 2,052
Last date when user was online? last post 21 3,585
I Dont Know What to Call This last post 9 2,222
Forum directory on the bottom of the page. last post 2 1,841
[LOCKED] Front Page designs last post 3 1,765
[LOCKED] New names for karma last post 156 19,247
[LOCKED] thread search in fourms section last post 2 1,840
Game Developer feeds last post 6 1,984