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Childhood Obesity?

Posted Jul 13, '12 at 5:06pm



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I thought one of the problems with us being human getting fat and stuff is the fact that along time ago when people where nomads and stuff the body had evolved so it would allow it to be easier for people to hold onto calories since they didn't always know when they would be getting food or water.


Posted Jul 13, '12 at 6:35pm



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Only enhances resistance to said disease, and if you can eradicate the disease, what is the point in being resistant?

Because diseases and other things resurface. People still get bubonic plague and scarlet fever. We are slightly unsuccessful in the elimination business, despite our success at killing each other.

Because warfare only kills stupid people? lol

Well people who are smart generally aren't going to get themselves killed as much as idiots. Thought that would make sense.

Don't blame everything on genetics, really. The fact someone is prone to be fatter than average doesn't mean he will be, the fact someone has a high metabolism doesn't mean he'll be slim.

It does really influence it though.

And how are short cuts making us weaker?

Because people use the medications to kill the virus/bacteria/ parasite. And people also develop immunities to medications too. So when the person becomes resistant to the antibodies wouldn't you prefer an immunity from the disease and not the medication that was keeping you alive?

Or be a brute, or just follow orders to the letters. You'd have to be really smart for that, yep.

So two different, ideal traits make a wrong? And my argument makes no sense.

Posted Jul 13, '12 at 10:06pm



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Oh wow of course smart people don't get thems selves killed think of #YOLO trend, or if you don't know what that is just go on face book and look at the retards. But I still believe Evolution has something to do with obeisity


Posted Jul 14, '12 at 4:57am



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But I still believe Evolution has something to do with obeisity

It has a certain influence, as you already guessed. Like in the yoyo effect after a diet: you make a diet and your body starts to crave for food, starts to save every bit it gets, and as soon as you start eating normally again you accumulate a lot more and regain even more weight. That's one of the reason why temporarily going on diet won't help you, and why you should simply permanently eat a bit more reasonably.

Oh wow of course smart people don't get thems selves killed think of #YOLO trend

Dude, everyone has done stupid things once, and only because some teenies say YOLO doesn't mean they're all going to get killed when they grow up. Seriously, of course being smart will get you a certain advantage, but that won't help you that much if you're cannon fodder anyway. And as far as I know, the army doesn't employ only stupid people. As far as I know, the army even has the effect of making you more stupid :P

About the 'smart' argument, there's some evidence that really smart people, like academics, are far more prone to getting sick or get diseases, probably because they invest more in mental capacities than in bodyand immunitary defences. You want people to all become strong to diseases? Get rid of smart people.

If you want a 'strong' population so bad, then go out and make your own village, no one will hinder you. But why would you care about it? Who cares if we're 'weak' to your eyes? I think we got bigger issues than obesity (no pun intended).

Besides, obesity is a sort of industrial-country city problem. There are plenty of rural villages and stuff that are perfectly fine although they're not in war with anyone.
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