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What is a Friend?
A Friend is a user you have friended by adding them to your Friends list. Having Friends gives you a link to your Friends' profiles from your profile. It also allows you to compare high scores in flash games using the Armor Games high score system.

How do I add a Friend?
You can add another user to your friends list by clicking the (Add Friend) button on their profile. This will only add them to your Friends list and will not send a request to them. They will have to add you to their own Friends list.

How do I search for or find a Friend?
You can't. There is no way to search for other users on this version of Armor Games. You will need to know their full username or contact them again.

How will I get to their profile to add them?

1.) If you know their exact username, you can go directly to their profile using

Type in their exact username where it says USERNAMEHERE. For example,

will go to my profile.

2.) If you do not know their username, you will need to try to contact the user.

a. If you met them on a multiplayer game you can try to find them again in that same game. If you cannot find them, try to look through the game's comments to see if they may have made a comment. If they have made a comment, you can click on their username to go directly to their profile. However, not everyone you meet in a multiplayer is playing from Armor Games, so they may not have an Armor Games account.

b. If you know them in real life or from somewhere else, you can try to get them to tell you their exact username. You can also have them post on your thread in this forum. if they post on the forum, you can click on their username to get to their profile.

Hopefully this hasn't been too inconvenient and has helped you in getting to a friend's profile to add them, so you don't forget who they are!

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