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oh no an israeli is refering to us as aliens D:

dont worry we all do that mistake XD

i remember i played exit path and some guy kept talking to me, said he loves me and was really happy to race someone good. then came the question and i told him im jewish.

he started cursing me and i simply asked him "why?"

he said that he hates me because he is muslim. im guessing he thought that once i see the word muslim i will continue the flame war but instead i said: "so?"

he was silent.

then i said: "just because im jewish and you are muslim doesnt mean we have to hate eachother"

all he could say was: "yes it does" and then he left the room. i remember that in the same room was another muslim named kappa (i think) and he was like 10 years old and totally didnt care i was jewish. he really liked me as a friend and we met several times on that game. i wonder how old was the cursing guy

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i remember that in the same room was another muslim named kappa (i think) and he was like 10 years old and totally didnt care i was jewish

Thats probably because he was to young in that community to be told the lies and storys about jewish people.The other person probably cursed you out because he had felt that you had posed a threat to him because of the stories he heard about Jewish people.

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Arrogance, and the inabilility to listen.

I'd never thought I'd be atheist, look at me now.

I'd never thought I'd like sour cream and onion chips.

I'd never thought I'd be on YouTube for more than 20 min.

et cetera, et cetera


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Well they weren't really your friends if they left you that easily. I'd say screw them and find better friends. Also the OP being in third person....?


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Hmm, a very interesting question, I am assuming that you didn't want to cut ties, but they did, whether for that reason or another that is hidden. He has made his choice, now you must make yours, whether to go in a rage and hate the guy, or still be nice to him, but if he has issues, I would give him space. If say that his dad will beat him if he has other religious friends, it might not be a good idea to bother him too much.

I am deeply sorry that that happens, but there isn't much to be done.



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There are so many denominations of Christianity, it's safe to say that every Christian is wrong according to at least one other Christian. Some denominations require church attendance, worship, alms, baptism, confession, good works, faith, self sacrifice, celibacy, or any number of requirements "in order to get into heaven."

Sorry, you're right, the term christian is to general. I would say baptists are about the closest denomination to my statement.

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He then said that Killersup should never talk to him again.

he sure isn't that good of a friend. i really could care less about the religion of my friends, one of my friends thinks satan is cool and wants to form a heavy metal band like Slipknot. all my other friends, i have no idea what religion they are and would never ask them.

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This seems strange but after a while, or not so long, it seems that as Nicho put it, he's nuts. Religion shouldn't get in the way of judgement that much. If he put religion before friendship, then forget about him, you don't need him.

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