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Global AG Warming (A slightly comedic failure of a story)

Posted Jun 30, '12 at 6:40am



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This will be posted (Most likely) in short chapters.

Note: I am 15, not very good at grammar/punctuation and am only doing this for fun and because I have way too much free time.

Blurb (Not really)

The chapters will most likely not be written in dialogue unless I feel like it adds to the presentation.

Laughable (Me/Matt): It all started when I joined this land. It was a long, LONG time ago.

Veteran: You mean yesterday?

Laughable: Actually it was two days ago and I think the fact that I am extremely active here outweighs that fact.

Veteran: You only have 15 po...

Laughable: *puts hand over veteran's mouth*

Veteran: Mfff, Mphhh, *Collapses on floor*

Laughable: As I was saying, a long time ago I joined this land. At the time it was pleasant and fun. AG land was a happy place. It had it's fair share of ogres, trolls and some goblins but overall the knights ruled the place safely.


*Lightning in backround*

Laughable: *Uneeded dramatic pause*...Global AG warming happened.

Matt was awoken by the sound of his alarm, "6:00AM! Already?" He groaned, "Shouldn't have spent so much time in the tavern." Matt quietly puts on his AG uniform. He was just about to slip outside the house when.

"Matthew James Laugh! What has happened to you?" His mother gasped, "You didn't go to the tavern again did you?" Matthew's Mom ignored his attempts to make her go away. "Look at the state of that uniform! You're not going anywhere mister!" She shouts. She quickly leaves the room to get the delete button. Matthew looked down. His shirt was full of spam. "Mom's going to kill you!" His sister laughs.


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Posted Jun 30, '12 at 6:45am



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Just a note, I wrote that quickly and I realise the grammar is off. My real story will be edited and checked.


Posted Jun 30, '12 at 12:53pm



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Okay, this is a really great Trollfic. Nice job, really funny. I'm looking forward to more.

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