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Project Paint Brush

Posted Aug 9, '12 at 4:45pm



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Let's see.
First of all, I would be unamused sitting in a car driven by someone reading at the same time, even if they had bribed me with ice cream. At least, the near light speed would mean a car crash would kill us and probably everyone else as well, so it isn't that bad.
Too bad the wonderdog will die in the crash as well, since it apparently is able to paint.
In all this, the fact that the radio isn't doing something weird is just weird in itself...

Genre, genre, genre. I would say Sci-fi for no particular reason besides your enjoyment of fractals. And science fiction can be amusing when well written and not being entire cyberpunk. If an author in particular, then it would be Michael Crichton and small deviations from reality, well, reality as far as we are aware.
As for painting, I was never particularly interested in styles for obvious reasons. Mainly that some blob of colour can earn the artist more than what I will ever earn in my life. But personal bias aside... Pointillism. Small dots that make up a big image. Yes.
And the music? Punk-rock. Something noisy, but not metal noisy.

Jeol, who I really can't pinpoint, so it will be from first impressions:
Book: Historical fiction. Possibly historical fiction of the more supernatural kind, like Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
Painting: Impressionism.
Music: Blend between classic music, beatboxing and computer-mixed tunes.

First though for a book genre was not a book genre but just a book - The Never-ending Story. Though I wouldn't put your genre as fantasy, but rather as some kind of fictional augmented reality. Also, choose-your-own-adventure books.
And for a painting, you have now been given Expressionism, not only because I feel like it, but al the sense of not being a painting of what is seen, but what is felt seems somehow fitting. Even if the feeling is a dark blob of violence, or a bright pink peace-dalek.
As for the music, it is probably not any of what I have in my own collection. Rock? Classic rock? I have no idea.

Gantic, because it's Gantic:
I agree somewhat with Salvidian. Because either it's Shakespeare, or it's Dr Seuss and a book on puns. And if it isn't classical, it's some of the weird stuff I listen to, and I don't think my mind could handle that. I do think the style of the dog's painting of you would be surreal, however, simply by your pun-bun characteristics. Not to mention it could be a good description of many of your entries for the ASC. Either that, or hyperrealism.


You are pretty wise in the workings of the site, but are combined with strong sarcasm for being, well, old. :P

Or bitter. I really think the staff ought to read the book on Usability. They might learn something.

@Daleks: So violent. Not that I mind much. Though, if I went to California to do anything to the staff, it would most likely be hitting them with my LARP axe, and then tell them to level up in proper website design.

And while I would comment on the suggested genres and styles, I better wait till the next topic so I don't affect other's ideas.

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Bring this back for Question 4.

Q.4 You wish to paint a picture using red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, and white. However, paints, pigments, dye, an other colored substances no longer exist and colors no longer have names. Luckily, you have a magic paint brush that can take on the color essence of anything you can see. What are the names of the colors you are using? You are free to name other colors as well.


Posted May 20, '13 at 11:19pm



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