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Ideas and Discussions about AG3 design...

Posted Jul 7, '12 at 4:58am



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Declare what you would like to be the site design AG3


Posted Jul 7, '12 at 3:02pm



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It looks sleek and modern. However they should add more new games on the homepage. Currently there are twelve games on the AG2 home page but on the beta site there are three. I know there's a link to more new games, but most people will probably overlook that.

I like the idea of skins for the website. It makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps they should include solid colours as well for the people who don't want designs.

The current profiles look odd; I'm not sure where they're going to put your friends, followers, favourite games, and comments. They had it looking good in the closed beta, the only issue I had with it was the about was too small. See this thread for pictures. Maybe they'll add tabs for those things, but I prefer how it is now. Expanding the width of the profiles could help.

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