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The Walking Dead: Video Game

Posted Oct 31, '12 at 12:36am



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no zombie is gonna lay a finger on my clementine!!!!!!!!
sorry i get emotional


Posted Oct 31, '12 at 9:24am



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Ryan7g, trying really hard to get a merit are we, anyway, iv completed the first 4 and i can't wait for the final episodes, I went alone for the last bit(end of 4) and I'm now regretting my decision.((((( MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW )))))

Does anyone have any idea who might of took clem at the end of the 4th episode, pretty sure it wasn't Vernon anyway, and is Omid goin a go zombie, and kill everyone do you think, did everyone kill the boy in the attic what happens if you don't ? Who's still alive in your game ?


Posted Oct 31, '12 at 10:04am



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Just completed Episode that Carley died.

1) Spoiler...
2) Or Doug, depending on your decisions aha.

Also, episode 4 gave you a lot of decisions including straight up letting a character die (rather than picking between two).  I'd like to know how they plan on making the episodes and discussions change due to your choice.  Will Ben have any lines?


Posted Oct 31, '12 at 4:21pm



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I want to get it, just need to get a point card. But i have watched walkthroughs so I know who I want to live. Kenny on my side, Omid on my side, Ben (even though he did what he did) and the Parkour chick from episode 4.


Posted Nov 2, '12 at 4:10pm



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Ryan7g, trying really hard to get a merit are we,

That's actually not at all what I was trying to do. I don't even think it's possible to get a merit in the forums. I could talk about this game all day.

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