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Hopefully this will be another useful thread. The idea is this:

If you have an art page, such as on, say, DeviantArt, you can link to it so that people can find all the links to everybody's art in one place!

As usual, some RULES:

* Only link to YOUR own art page, please. It's nice to give publicity to other people but sometimes it can create misunderstandings.

* Links to pages that contains material for 'mature' audiences accessible by everybody should not be posted.

* It'd be lovely if you could use the appropriate BBS tags that look like this: [url], because that makes it easier for everybody.

* Just for the sake of archiving, if you want to say "awesome page" or something like that, it'd be preferable for you to do this on that user's profile page. It's also much more likely to be noticed!

I'm aware that many of you have already posted links to your art pages in other threads but it occurred to me that as the threads go on they become difficult to find.


So I'll kick us off:

Strop's DeviantArt page

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DM's DeviantArt page!

I just started it a few days ago, and I'm slowly getting my stuff on there, so it'll be updated often!

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Well, my cousins here with me, but doesn't have an AG account and doesn't feel like making one, so I'm just going to post his deviantart page for him, he doesn't add stuff often, but he has some neat stuff on it.

His DeviantArt Gallery

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Well, I have an art page, but right now it doesn't have much on it. I'm planning on buying a tablet so I can do more work. Microsoft Paint isn't exactly my favorite tool... But the Picture I do have is still pretty good.

SkullZero1's DeviantArt page

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