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Beta AG does not detect flash player

Posted Jul 13, '12 at 2:09pm



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so, i've already encounter this problem thrice

the last one was when i tried to play effing worms at beta EG, but it said to download "flash player", i already have it, so i think i'll just update it (i already update it the day before), so after i done updating it, the message still appear, so i go to armorgames (non beta), and try to play it, and it works, it maybe some kind of a bug, hope you fix it


Posted Jul 13, '12 at 2:18pm



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It happens to me all the time. When I use Chrome the issue resolves itself, but I tend to just play games here on regular AG because of the forums and I don't need to switch whenever I need to write a review or rate the game.

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