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Free Rider 2

Posted Jun 8, '08 at 7:58pm



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Submit your Free Rider 2 Tracks to my website to get in the top 10


Posted Jun 8, '08 at 9:25pm



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I would like to be apart of it. Hewre is one of my maps for you...

-18 1i 18 1i 4c 1i 84 1i 84 -26 84 -50 4c -50 84 -4m,84 -26 7q 1i,84 -1s 7g 1i,84 -1s 84 -1i 76 1i,84 -18 6s 1i,84 -u 6i 1i,84 -k 68 1i,84 -a 5u 1i,84 0 5k 1i,84 a 5a 1i,84 k 50 1i,84 u 4m 1i,84 18 4c 1i,4m -50 84 -4c,50 -50 84 -42,5a -50 84 -3o,5k -50 84 -3e,5u -50 84 -34,68 -50 84 -2q,6i -50 84 -2g,6s -50 84 -26,76 -50 84 -1s,7g -50 84 -1i,7q -50 84 -1i,-18 1i -18 -u -1i -u -1i 1s -18 26 -1i 26 -18 1s,-1i 1s 8e 1s 8e -5a 4c -5a 4c -50,-18 26 -18 1s,-1i 26 -1i 1s,8e -2g cq 1s 84 1s,8e -u b8 1s,-7q -u -7q 1s -7g k -7g 1s -76 k -76 1s -6s k -6s 1s -6i k -6i 1s -68 k -68 1s -5u k -5u 1s -5k k -5k 1s -5a k -5a 1s -50 k -50 1s -4m k -4m 1s -4c k -4c 1s -42 k -42 1s -3o k -3o 1s -3e k -3e 1s -34 k -34 1s -2q k -2q 1s -2g k -2g 1s -26 k -26 1s -1s k -1s 1s -1i k,-7q 1s -18 1s,-1i u -1i 1s,-7q -u -84 1s,-7q -k -8e 1s,-7q -a -8o 1s,-7q 0 -92 1s,-7q a -9c 1s,-7q k -9m 1s,-7q u -a0 1s,-7q 18 -aa 1s,-7q 1i -ak 1s -fk 1s -fk 26 -fu 26 -fu 2g -g8 2g -g8 2q -gi 2q -gi 34 -fu 34 -vi 34 -vi 2g -v8 34,-ak 1s -7q 1s,-fu 34 -fu 2q -fk 2q -fk 2g -fa 2g -fa 26 -1i 26,-5u 26 -4m 1s,-3o 26 -2g 1s,-7q 26 -6i 1s,-vi 2q -uu 34,-17m 4m -11e 4m -17m 6s -17m 4m -180 4m -180 76 -114 76 -114 4m -11e 4m -11e 6s -17m 6s,-17m 4m -11e 6s,-1f6 7g -1f6 au -1cm 7g -1cc 7g -1cc b8 -1fg b8 -1fg 7g -1es 7g,-1f6 au -1cm au -1cm 7g -1f6 7g -1cm au,-1j8 cg -1pg cg -1j8 hg -1j8 cg -1iu cg -1iu hq -1iu kk -1ik kk -1ik cg -1iu cg,-1pg cg -1pg hg -1j8 hg,-1j8 cg -1pg hg,-1iu hq -1pq hq -1pq cg -1p6 cg,-260 de -260 ka -25c ie -24o ka -244 ie -23g ka -22s ie -228 ka -21k ie -210 ka -20c ie -1vo ka -1v4 ie -1ug ka -1ts ie -1t8 ka -1sk ie -1s0 ka -1rc ie -1qo ka -1qo de -1qe de -1qe kk -26a kk -26a de,-260 ka -1qo ka,-1ik ka -1b4 ka -15q ka -13u ka -13u i4 -148 ka,-1b4 ka -1b4 kk -15q kk -13k kk -13k i4 -vs i4 -vs kk -13k kk,-1b4 kk -1ik kk,-15q kk -15q ka,-13k i4 -13u i4,-vs i4 -vi ka,-1go ka -1go hq -1ei ka -1d0 io -1d0 ka -1bo jm -1bo ka,-1go hq -1ei hq -1go ka,-1ei hq -1ei ka,-1ei io -1d0 io,-1d0 jm -1bo jm,-1ei io -1d0 ka,-1d0 jm -1bo ka,-13u ie -14i ka,-13u io -14s ka,-13u j2 -156 ka,-13u jc -15g ka,-13u jm -15q ka,-13u k0 -164 ka,-13a ka -13a ie -106 ka -13a ka -106 ie,-13a ie -106 ie,-106 ka -106 ie,-v8 kk -vi kk,-t2 kk -tc kk,-vs kk -se kk -se ka -vs ka,-se kk -pk ls -1iu ls -1iu kk,-pk ls -ku ls -ku m6 -kk m6 -kk mg -ka mg -ka mq -k0 mq -k0 n4 -jm n4 -jm ne -jc ne -jc no -fu no -ec no -c6 no -bs ne -a0 ne -50 ne,-kk m6 -j2 li -j2 ls -io ls -io m6 -ie m6 -ie mg -i4 mg -i4 mq -hq mq -fu mq -em mq -c6 mq -bs n4 -a0 n4 -50 n4 -3e n4 -1s oc -1s pk -2q qi -50 qi,-ie mg -jm n4,-jc ne -i4 mq,-hq mq -j2 li,-se ka -pk li -ku li -j2 li,-vs ie -v8 ka,-vs io -uu ka,-vs j2 -uk ka,-vs jc -ua ka,-vs jm -u0 ka,-vs k0 -tc ka,-pk ls -pk li,-ka mg -j2 ls,-k0 mq -io m6,-fu no -f0 mq,-l8 ls -jc no,-i4 no -gs mq,-gs no -fu mq,-5a mg -2q mg -18 no -18 pu -2g r6 -50 r6,-do t2 -do 12c -5k 12c -1s 14i,-5k 12c -5k 12m -1s 14s 1s 164 -1s 164 -5k 164 -e2 164 -e2 122,-5k 12m -e2 12m -e2 t2 -do t2,-1s 14s -1s 14i,26 14s 26 156 26 164,26 156 2g 156 2g 15g 2g 164,2g 15g 2q 15g 2q 15q 34 15q 3e 15q 4c 15q 4c 15g 4m 15g 4m 156 50 156 50 164,34 15q 34 164 2q 164 2q 15q,34 164 3e 164 4c 164,1s 14s 1s 164 2q 164,-1s 14s 26 14s,-1s 164 -1s 14s,1s 14s -1s 164,-5k 164 -5k 12m,3e 15q 3e 164,4c 15q 4c 164,42 164 42 15q,3o 164 3o 15q,50 156 50 14s 5a 14s 5a 164 4c 164,4m 164 4m 15g##T 3o 15g,T 3e 15g,B 50 -4m 8e,B 42 u 2q,T -11o h6


Posted Jun 9, '08 at 8:06am



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I want to e=be on your web site to... Here is one of my great maps.

18 1i 3e 18,-18 1i -18 3o -42 3o -4c 3o -4c 3e -4m 3o -4m 3e -50 3o -50 3e -5a 3o -5a 3e -5k 3o -5k 3e -5u 3o -5u 3e -68 3o -68 3e -6i 3o -6i 3e -6s 3o -6s 3e -76 3o -76 3e -7g 3o -7g 3e -7q 3o -7q 3e -e2 9m -hq 9m -ie 92 -io 9c -j2 92 -j2 9m -jc 9m -jc 92 -jm 9c -k0 92 -k0 9m -ka 9m -ka 92 -kk 9c -ku 92 -ku 9m -l8 9m -l8 92 -li 9c -ls 92 -ls 9m -m6 9m -m6 92 -mg 9c,-42 3o -42 -1i -18 -1i k -2g,-18 -1i k -34,-7q 3e -84 3o,-mg 9c -mq 92 -ne 9m -106 9m -106 a0 -148 a0 -148 9m -18u 9m -1g4 84,-18u 9m -1g4 9c -1g4 9m -18u 9m -1g4 92,-18u 9m -1g4 8o,-18 -1i k -1i -18 -1i k -1s,k -1i k -3e -18 -1i k -2q,k -3e 9c -3e,-18 -1i k -26,-18u 9m -1g4 8e,-18u 9m -1g4 7g -1g4 9c,-18u 9m -1g4 7q,18 1i 3e u,5a -a hg -a k0 -k,hg -a k0 -18 km -1h lc -1u m3 -2d mp -2u na -3i nh -4a ne -57 n6 -5v mg -6j,k0 -18 k0 -a hg -a k0 -u,k0 -18 li -18 mq -2q,3e 3o 18 3o 18 2q,18 3o -18 3o,18 1i 3e 1i 3e -a 18 1i -18 1i,18 1i 3e 0,18 1i 3e a,18 1i 3e k,18 1i 18 1s,-10g a0 -10g 9m,-10q a0 -10q 9m,-114 a0 -114 9m,-11e a0 -11e 9m,-11o a0 -11o 9m,-122 a0 -122 9m,-12c a0 -12c 9m,-12m a0 -12m 9m,-130 a0 -130 9m,-13a a0 -13a 9m,-13k a0 -13k 9m,-13u a0 -13u 9m,aa -9m kk -9m,mg -6i kk -9m,-1kq 84 -1pq 84 -1pq 9c -1kq 9c -1kq 84 -1pq 9c,-1pq 84 -1kq 9c,-1s0 8o -228 8o -228 bi -1s0 bi -1s0 8o -228 bi,-228 8o -1s0 bi,-29e bs -29e d4 -236 d4 -236 bs -29e bs -236 d4,-236 bs -29e d4,-2ee do -2ee fu -2b0 fu -2b0 de -2ee de -2ee e2,-2ee fu -2ee oc -2ee pk -2b0 pk -1es pk -1f6 pa,-2b0 fu -2ee de,-2b0 fu -2ee pk,-2b0 pk -2ee fu,-2b0 pk -2b0 fk,-2b0 de -2ee fu,-2hi hq -2s6 hq -2sq hq -2sq fk -2sg fk -2ms hq,-2sq hq -2uc hq -2vk hq -2vk fk -30s gs -30s hq -2va hq -2v0 hg -2v0 hq -2um hg -2um hq -2uc hg -2uc hq,-2vk hq -2va hg -2va hq,-2sq fk -2uc hq,-2sg fk -2sg hq,-2vk fk -30s fk -316 fk -31q hq -308 hq -308 gs,-30s fk -2vk gs -30s gs -30s fk,-31q hq -33m hq -38m hq -38m i4 -390 i4 -390 ie -39a ie -39a io -39k io -39k j2 -39u j2 -39u jc -3a8 jc -3a8 jm -3ai jm -3ai k0 -3as k0 -3as ka -3b6 ka -3b6 kk -3bg kk -3bg ku -3bq ku -3bq l8 -390 l8,-2sq g8 -2sg g8,-2sq gi -2sg gi,-2sq gs -2sg gs,-2sq h6 -2sg h6,-2sq hg -2sg hg,-2sq fu -2sg fu,-2sq gi -2sq gs -2te hq,-30i hq -30i gs,-2vu hq -2vu gs,-2vk h6 -30s h6,-2vk hg -30s hg,-38c hq -38c l8 -390 l8,-38c l8 -3d2 o2 -3dc o2,-3d2 o2 -38c o2 -38c ku,-38c o2 -2te o2 -2h8 o2 -2h8 hq -2hi hq,-2h8 o2 -2h8 so -2am so -2h8 so,-3bg l8 -3dc l8 -3dc li -3dm li -3dm ls -3e0 ls -3e0 m6 -3ea m6 -3ea mg -3ek mg -3ek mq -3eu mq -3eu n4 -3f8 n4 -3f8 ne -3fi ne -3fi no -3fs no -3fs o2 -3dc o2,-3fs o2 -3ja o2 -3nc o2 -3nc m6 -3n2 o2,-3nc m6 -3ps m6 -3ps o2 -3n2 o2,-3ps m6 -3ps j2 -3ki j2 -3ki jc -3ps jc,-3ps j2 -3ps hg -3s2 hg -3s2 o2 -3ou o2 -3ps ne -3ou ne -3ou o2,-3ps hg -3ki hg -3n2 j2 -3ps hg -3s2 o2,-3ou ne -3pi no,-3nc m6 -3ok n4 -3ok m6 -3nc n4 -3m4 o2,-3nc n4 -3ok n4,-3ki j2 -3ki hg,-3ki j2 -3n2 hg -3n2 j2,-3n2 hg -3ps j2,-3s2 hg -3ps o2,-3ou ne -3ps o2,-3d2 l8 -3d2 o2,-3d2 l8 -38c o2,-38c h6 -382 hg,-38c h6 -38m h6 -3c4 kk -3c4 l8,-3c4 kk -3dc kk -3g6 ne -3gg ne -3gq no,-3d2 kk -3d2 l8,-3co kk -3co l8,-3ce kk -3ce l8,-3as jc -39k i4 -39a ie,-3a8 io -39u j2,-3as jc -3ai jm,-3bg k0 -3b6 ka,-3fs n4 -3fi ne,-3f8 mg -3eu mq,-3ek ls -3ea m6,-3e0 l8 -3dm li,-30s gi -316 hq,5a -a 3e -a,3e 3o 50 3o 5a 3o 5a -a,42 2g 42 -a,4m -a 4m 2g 5a 2g,5a 2q 4m 2q 4m 3o,42 3o 42 2q -18 2q,42 2g -18 2g,3e 3o 3e 2q,3e 2g 3e 1i,18 2g 18 1s,-3nc mg -3mo o2,-3nc mq -3me o2,-3nc ne -3lq o2,-3nc no -3l6 o2,-3ou m6 -3ou n4 -3ps n4,-3ou n4 -3ps m6,-3ok o2 -3ok ne -3nc ne -3nc n4,-3ok ne -3nc o2,-3nc ne -3ok o2,-3ou m6 -3ps n4,-3pi jc -3pi m6,-3p8 m6 -3p8 jc,-3p8 jm -3ki jm -3ki jc,-3ki jm -3ki k0 -3p8 k0,-36g j2 -36g mq,-36g io -33m io -32e mg -32e io -31g ka -30i io -30i mg -308 mg -2u2 mg,-32e mg -32e mq,-30i mg -30i mq,-30i mg -2vu mg,-36g io -36g j2,-36g ka -358 ka,-35i mq -33m io,-332 ku -34k ku,-2vu io -2u2 io,-2vu kk -2vk kk,-2te io -2te mq,-2te io -2ri io -2ri kk -2te kk -2ri mg,-2qk j2 -2q0 io -2q0 mg,-2s6 ls -2r8 mq,-2q0 m6 -2q0 mq,-2p2 io -2ng io -2pc mq -2pc ls -2ng mq,-2vu io -2vu mq -2h8 mq -36g mq,-2vu kk -2v0 kk,-2ms io -2km io -2km ka -2lk ka -2km ka -2km mg -2ms mg,-2b0 so -25c so -244 so,-236 so -22i rg -21u so -21a rg -20m so -202 rg -1ve so -24e so -24e rg -28q so,-1ve so -1ve rg -1qo so -1iu so -1ia so -1ia t2 -1ik t2 -1iu t2,-1qo so -1ve so,-1iu so -2hi 106 -2hi so -1iu 106 -1iu so -1iu uu -1iu s4,-2hi so -2h8 so,-1iu uu -13k 106 -2hi 106,-13k 106 -13k uu -1iu 106,-13k uu -vs vi -tm vi -tm 106,-tm vi -q8 106 -q8 10g -pu 10g -pu 10q -pk 10q -pk 114 -pa 114 -pa 11e -p0 11e -p0 11o -om 11o -om 122 -oc 122 -oc 12c -o2 12c -o2 12m -no 12m -no 130 -ne 130 -ne 13a -ie 13a -fa 13a -fa tc,-ne 13a -qi 13a -qi 106 -uu 13a -uu 106 -qi 13a -uu 13a,-qi 13a -qi 106,-1iu uu -1ge uu -1go uu -1go uk -1ge uk -1ia so,-1go uk -1h2 uk -1h2 uu -1h2 s4,-1go uk -1iu uk,-1ia t2 -1i0 t2 -1i0 tc -1ia tc -1iu tc,-1i0 tc -1hm tc -1hm u0 -1iu u0,-1ik t2 -1ik uu,-1ik t2 -1ik so,-1ia tc -1ia uu,-1ia tc -1ia t2,-1mc s4 -1na se,-1mc s4 -1go s4 -1ge s4 -1e8 uu -19s uu -18a uu,-1ge s4 -1ge uu,-1e8 uu -1ge uu,-1ge uk -1ge uu,-1hm tm -1hc tm -1hc u0 -1h2 u0 -1h2 ua -1iu ua,-1hc u0 -1hm u0,-1h2 ua -1hc ua -1hc uu,-1hc ua -1hc u0,-1h2 ua -1h2 uk,-1h2 ua -1go ua -1go uk,-1hm tm -1i0 tm -1i0 uu -1i0 s4,-1i0 tm -1iu tm,-1i0 tm -1i0 tc,-1hm uu -1hm u0,-1lo s4 -1lo so,-1le so -1le s4,-1hc s4 -1hc uu,-1ia s4 -1ia uu,-1j8 s4 -1j8 so,-1js so -1js s4,-1k6 s4 -1k6 so,-1f6 uu -1ge tc,-1aq uu -1ag uu,-18k uu -18a uu,-180 uu -18a uu,-180 uu -16e uu -13k uu,-1a6 uu -18u tc -16o tc -16o tm -18a uu,-18u tc -18a tm -16o uu,-18a tm -198 uu,-16o tm -16o uu,-18a tm -18a uu,-18a tm -16o tm,-uk vi -uk 106,-13u 106 -q8 106,-ie vi -m6 vi -ie tc -ie l8 -aa l8,-m6 vi -ie 114 -m6 114 -m6 vi -se rg -1bo rg -1f6 pa,-ie 114 -ie vi -ls tc,-ie vi -m6 114,-ie tc -m6 tc -m6 vi,-ie vi -ie tc,-fa tm -fa p0 -bs 13a -3o 13a u 13a 2q 13a,-bs 13a -bs p0 -fa 13a,-bs p0 -fa p0,-fk 13a -bs 13a,-ak l8 -7q l8 -7q 114,-do p0 -do ne -f0 o2 -do o2 -cg o2 -do ne,-f0 o2 -do o2 -f0 o2,1s 13a 42 13a e2 13a e2 130,42 13a 42 130 4c 130 4c 12m 4m 12m 4m 12c 50 12c 50 122 5a 122 5a 11o 5k 11o 5k 11e 5u 11e 5u 114 c6 114 c6 11e cg 11e cg 11o cq 11o cq 122 d4 122 d4 12c de 12c de 12m do 12m do 130 gi 130 gi 15q,5u 114 68 114,c6 10g e2 12c e2 12m,do 122 de 12c,d4 11e cq 11o,cg 10q c6 114,7g 10g 7g 114,8e 114 8e 10g,c6 10g 76 10g 5u 10g 3o 12m 3e 12m -1s 12m -2g 130,bi 114 bi 10g,au 114 au 10g,aa 114 aa 10g,9c 114 9c 10g,k 12m k 13a,-18 12m -18 13a,2q 12m 2q 13a,42 12c 4c 12m,4m 11o 50 122,5a 114 5k 11e,j2 130 j2 15q,j2 130 j2 vi mg 164 mg vi io vi,j2 vi g8 vi,gi 14s gi 19i oc 19i,j2 164 mg 164,j2 164 j2 15q,j2 164 mg vi,o2 19i qs 19i qs 1be,qs 19i qs 18a l8 19i,u0 19i u0 1be,u0 19i 10g 19i u0 19i 12m 1bo u0 1bo u0 1be,u0 19i u0 18a 12m 19i 10g 19i,12m 19i 12m 1bo,12m 19i u0 1bo,12m 19i 17c 19i 12m 1bo,17c 19i 17c 16o 148 16o,17c 19i 17c 1bo 12m 1bo,12m 19i 17c 1bo,qs 1b4 qs 1ei 17c 1ei 1b4 1d0 1b4 1ei 16o 1ei,17a 1ei 16v 1ei,1e8 1es 1e8 1h2 1hc 1h2 1hc 1es 1e8 1es,1hc 1h2 1e8 1es,1hc 1es 1e8 1h2,1k6 1hc 1k6 1iu 1p6 1iu 1p6 1hc 1k6 1hc 1p6 1iu,1p6 1hc 1k6 1iu,1rm 1ji 1rm 1oi 1uq 1oi 1uq 1ji 1rm 1ji 1uq 1oi 23g 1oi 26k 1oi 27s 1na 2b0 1os,27s 1na 2b0 1na 27s 1os,2b0 1na 2ci 1m2 2f2 1m2 2fm 1m2 2fm 1mc 2g0 1mc 2g0 1mm 2ga 1mm 2ga 1n0 2gk 1n0 2gk 1na 2gu 1na 2gu 1nk 2h8 1nk 2h8 1nu 2hi 1nu 2hi 1o8 2hs 1o8 2hs 1oi 2i6 1oi 2i6 1os 2eo 1os,2ci 1m2 2f2 1os 1rm 1os 1rm 1oi,1uq 1ji 1rm 1oi,27s 1na 27s 1os,2b0 1na 2b0 1os,2f2 1m2 2f2 1os,2f2 1m2 2ci 1os 2ci 1m2,2i6 1os 2pm 1os 2pm 1p6 2q0 1p6 2q0 1pg 2qa 1pg 2qa 1pq 2qk 1pq 2qk 1q4 2qu 1q4 2qu 1qe 2r8 1qe 2r8 1qo 2ri 1qo 2ri 1r2 2te 1r2 2te 1qo 2to 1qo 2to 1qe 2u2 1qe 2u2 1q4 2uc 1q4 2uc 1pq 2um 1pq 2um 1pg 2v0 1pg 2v0 1p6 2va 1p6 2va 1os 332 1os 38c 1os 38c 26u 390 25c 39a 26u,38c 26u 39a 26u,38c 26u 38c 2b0 38c 324,2ci 1nk 2b0 1nk,2ci 1o8 2b0 1o8,2o4 1oi 2oe 1o8 2pm 1o8 2rs 1qe 2t4 1qe 2vk 1o8 30i 1o8 30s 1oi,2rs 1qe 2ri 1qo,2t4 1qe 2te 1qo,2pc 1o8 2pc 1os,2qa 1os 2q0 1p6,2qu 1pg 2qk 1pq,2sg 1r2 2sg 1qe,2u2 1pg 2uc 1pq,308 1o8 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