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To get rank back in Phage Wars Live

Posted Jul 16, '12 at 1:21pm



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To get you rank back (if its reseted) just follow these easy steps:

1- Once you noticed your rank is reseted, do NOT play a game as it may save over your old progress
2- Close the window without login out from ARMOR games
3- Reopen Armorgames directly on Phage wars game, for example, put phage-wars-live... the open it
4- Login in Phage wars if you need to.

There you go, your rank is back ;)

Try it :D and if its to late.. next time now you'll know what to do n.n


Posted Sep 22, '12 at 2:49am



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if you see that your rank is reset :

1.Reload your browser without doing anything

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