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Buying Armor Points

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Posted Jul 18, '12 at 6:14pm



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We will have two different point systems in AGv3, "New AP" and "Reputation" (or something like that^^)

The new AP (as i remember right) would be given for achivements (rewarded for some things in games), if you can buy points here, you will counteract this system.
You would gain points not for being good in several games, youll get them for nothing (nothing than money, but not for an real activity on this site/games on this site).
The reputation system works on nother trail, more likely the former AGv2 AP, youll get points from ratings, comments etc, but in AGv3 the community is involved and have an influence on this pointsystem, so if you can buy your points here, you will counteract the system too.

All in all, you can be bad as hell, writing lousy comments and so on, but have a high pointrate... sure, youll find some people that need this e-(you now what i mean), but all that for the counteract of this new system.


Posted Jul 20, '12 at 2:45am



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well. while of coarse buying AP would worst case scenario make a little money i think it sorta defeats the purpose. although i have been coming to AG for years and years im new to actually having an account so let me know if im wrong but there arent any actual benefits to having a lot of ap? besides just letting u know that uve posted and rated a lot. basically says ur a more senior member. buying ur way there in a day defeats the purpose. itd be different if maybe it unlocked something.or like some have said new armatars ...or whatever...not saying its a bad thing just dont see a reason to buy them. anyway just my opinion. like i said. worst case, the people who do care and want it will get it. and AG makes some money.


Posted Jul 20, '12 at 3:52am



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i think that is cool but it is more fun to just earn them


Posted Jul 20, '12 at 4:21am



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That's... well, pointless. AP here is for participation in the community, and participation in games. The Rep stuff would be participation in games, and I believe there is still a big Q for the community stuffs.

At least, there was when I left.

Anyways. If AG really needed the money, you could always find someone in the community now who is good in marketing and that, and open a LEGITIMATE store on here. What they have now is just meh, but there are enough people on here that might actually blow 5 or 10 bucks on cool game shirts or something.

I know someone who would probably enjoy the business (Mage)

But that's just *my* idea. As an alternative to buying AP and fulfilling your reasons for it.


Posted Jul 20, '12 at 7:28am



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It would completely destroy the purpose of foruming and earning your spot.


Posted Jul 20, '12 at 3:18pm



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The Rep stuff would be participation in games, and I believe there is still a big Q for the community stuffs.

Reputation will be for forum posts and game comments. Achievements will be the new armor points, replacing what we currently have.

Posted Jul 20, '12 at 5:39pm



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If getting armor points were harder, this would be a better idea, but considering how easy it is this idea is kinda pointless


Posted Jul 22, '12 at 11:56am



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Buy AP? I think this is a bad idea. We could just earn armor points legit.


Posted Jul 23, '12 at 4:40am



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This is an idea that was shot down almost immediately in the past and I'm glad it was! I would hate for ArmorGames to turn into the game "Swords & Potions", but then as a website in general! Getting a hint to buy stuff every 5 minutes... that would surely kill all the fun for me and would make me leave this community right away... =/

(slightly off topic...) As for the store like MoonFairy brought it up... that's something I just can't understand! Why haven't they developed and opened a decent AG store where people can buy all the ArmorGames stuff?! That would surely be a good way to make money and (luckily) defeat the (back on topic again) opted buying of ArmorPoints!


Posted Jul 23, '12 at 9:10pm



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Remember guys, the AP system will be broken into 2 systems in AG3.

Karma Points
Armor Points

However, it has not been verified what both will do.