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Flash Programmer Needed

Posted Jul 19, '12 at 6:38am



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I'm looking to get a flash client made for a game. It's basically a MUD game, using telnet. So basically I'd need someone to help develop a Flash telnet client with macro/hotkey support. There is a client already out there for this game, but it needs updating, sound support for certain triggers, etc. And a newer look. Would anyone be able to help out with this?

Also we wouldn't mind banner advertising/Author advertising within the client if that would help.

The original client is here:
But we'd like to get one developed with newer graphics, etc.

Thanks for the time.


Posted Jul 19, '12 at 11:03am



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Posted Jul 21, '12 at 1:03am



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Most of the people on Armor Games' Flash Development forum are people who are learning Flash. We don't have many experienced flash developers who frequent these forums. might be more useful.

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