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Movie Massacre

Posted Jul 20, '12 at 8:25pm



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for those of you who dont know, at the midnight premiere for the dark knight rises, a man bought a ticket, went into the theater, propped open the emergency exit door, changed into full body armor, grabbed an AR15, a glock, and a 12 gauge and just started shooting everyone in the movie theater.

wow... i actually cant believe that there isnt a thread about this yet. i just thought that id log on and let you guys know how things are over here.

some of you may know that i do live in aurora colorado and in fact i live about 10 minutes away from the theater.... i have one friend that got shot in the neck, he seems to be recovering. my other friend though, we hear that he got shot in the chest, but we arent even sure if he is in a hospital or if hes dead.

from what i hear there are 12 dead, maybe more, over 56 injured, almost all due to gunshot wounds.


Posted Jul 20, '12 at 8:39pm



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Yep heard about it. Sorry to hear your friends were involved.

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