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Posted Jul 24, '12 at 4:05am



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been doing a lot of pixel art lately for some games that I had been working on. So I decided to show you guys some of it.

These are from 2 games that I stopped working on.

If I get enough support I may work on the games again

here is a bunch I did of the super monday night combat pros


Posted Jul 24, '12 at 6:07am



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Very good stuff. My personal suggestion would be to limit the use of black pixels as outlines in the super monday night combat pros pictures. I prefer the ones from the fist two games because they have no black outlining. Also those trees are wonderful.


Posted Jul 25, '12 at 3:42pm



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Like gaboloth wrote, the black outline is nice on a one color background. If the models are inside an environment (like the in-game screenshots), they will look like they're apart from the environment, which is not what you want I think.
Concerning my personal tastes, I absolutely love the SMNC models ! for the screenshots, I like the medieval trees and wall blocks, and the robots of the first game (they remind me of the Tachikomas from Ghost In The Shell).

Keep it up dude !

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