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Sorcery Quest

Posted Jul 24, '12 at 4:18pm



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To start off, Why hasn't Anyone made a topic for this game sooner??

Also, is it possible to make stuff in S&P, (Swords and Potions), and send them to your account on SQ??

Let the Discussion Commence!


Posted Jul 28, '12 at 8:08am



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S&P and SQ are exclusive except that they pull from the same token pool (in-game store).

For SQ information, I would really suggest going to their boards for info as the game is quite complex with assorted class builds and what not.

As just a generic idea though, with the starting 3 that you can have in your party, a guard (reactive DPS/tank), an archer (ranged DPS), and a healer (... healer) trio worked well for me. Be sure to check into recycling as it took a while for me to grasp.

Another thing of note is not to neglect honor fights or ladder fights. I did this somewhat and regret not getting involved in those right from level 1.

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