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I suggest upgrading the engine, tires, windshield and bumper first. Then go for body armor and fire arms. The last ones you should go for are the horn's and perception.

Its better to hit 1-2 cars then have a Mutated zombie on your hood so you don't have to shoot you windshield out.

When you know the chopper is coming trying driving on the sides so when it shows up above you you, it hits a sign before it can get in front of you.

Trying staying in the lane until the the jet comes around to do a bombing run, it throws it off.

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The key here is to balance damages taken between your body and your car.
If windshield gone and you get shot a lot, avoid bullets at all cost even if you run into cars. If your car about to blow, avoid all obstacles even if you get shot. When everything fell, your mad driving skill might surprised you.
Oh and stay away from spike until lv3 tired, theyre very deadly.
Also, i usually stop right below a sign when the chopper about to come for a guaranteed hit.

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