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Project Proteus || Project 0: Beachhead | Aug. 17, 2012

Posted Jul 26, '12 at 5:40pm



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- Where is the Project Proteus letterhead?

                                                  - We don't have any, sir.

                    - Well, then, what are the project managers doing?

                                                  - We don't have any of those either, sir.

                    - Are we working on Project Eris now? Who is in charge?

                                                  - No, sir. You are, sir.

                    - Oh, uh, well, we'd better get something started.

                                                  - Yes, sir.

                    - We'll need that letterhead.

                                                  - I'll get right on it, sir.

                    - No, we'll have the Project Proteus team do it.

                                                  - Very unorthodox first project, sir.

                    - Are you questioning my methods?

                                                  - No, sir, not at all.

                    - The header will be 670 px x 150 px.

                                                  - Taking notes, sir.

                    - GantiCorp cannot appear in any Project Proteus material.

                                                  - May I ask why not, sir?

                    - It'll be clear later. Moving on.

                                                  - Yes, sir.

                    - It must contain the words Project Proteus. Got that?

                                                  - Yes, sir. Is that all?

                    - Anyone may have their hand in this.

                                                  - And the project deadline, sir?

                    - Friday, August 17th.

                                                  - Got it, sir.

                    - Have potential project managers submit their reports by the end of August.

                                                  - Okay, sir.

                    - In a two page memo using the letterhead they choose.

                                                  - Two page memo, letterhead of choice. Got it down, sir.

                    - With clear reasons why the chose that over others.

                                                  - Is that all, sir?

                    - Yes, send out the memo.

                                                  - On what and to whom, sir?

                    - ...

                                                  - Sir?

                    - Stop calling me Sir!


Posted Jul 29, '12 at 6:15pm



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All done.

You seriously didn't think I wouldn't get in on this, did you?


Posted Jul 29, '12 at 6:26pm



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Wow Photobucket. Good job.

I can't stand it when I spend an hour making something and the quality just gets obliterated by terrible image hosters. flickr is even worse.

I'll re-upload a better quality one later.


Posted Aug 1, '12 at 11:39pm



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You should've just gone with a JPEG. That would've been smaller in size, so Photobucket wouldn't have changed your image. Having it a PNG doesn't do anything for you.

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