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How to not press the GIVE UP buttion in Three Easy Steps

One. Once you get a pattern stick to it, as the lever changes edit your pattern to match the level design. This is the best way to complete the game with as few deaths as you can muster.

Two. As the game progresses into the 20+ levels you will have to figure out a good path to follow and stick to it, if you change your path each time you will die ALOT.

Three. Once you get into the 30+ levels its best to find the invisible platforms and remember them, they will be to your advantage later in. Near the end of the game stick to the top part of the level to survive.

There ya go, take this ti heart and you will survive

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thankyou it helped me with completing the end section

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More in-depth guide:

The levels 'start' - things start moving/shooting/falling - the instant you move. You can wait on the starting platform and the level will work out the same way every time. Bullets/saws/etc will always time out the same.

Levels 1-5: Learn controls, maybe turn down quality to avoid input errors if your computer isn't beastly.
Levels 6-9: Make long double jumps to cross the levels in 2 double jumps.
Level 10: Things start to pick up here. Double jump to land on the safe platform, then double jump between the spikes to avoid a chunk of the level. Straightforward from there.
Levels 11-13: Once both double jumps are performed, the right side of the higher part of the L-on-it's-back is a safe zone. Chill there to recuperate. Level 13 requires less dawdling.
Level 14-15: These are annoying because the fall sometimes prevents you from getting your jump. Fall to safety, perform level as usual. Starting from 15, jump up high to fall fast down to the exit, its safer.
Level 16-17: Safe zone isn't safe anymore.
Level 18-20: Keep calm and ride the falling platforms at the end, you'll be fine... you might need to jump once near the start, but after that just chill out and trust.
Level 21-24: Easy peasy. Lasers pretty much just mean you can't backtrack. Move confidently, but don't go ahead of yourself, because you can't move backward.
Level 25: This one is tricky because the lasers at the halfway point require you to be very precise. Do a very light double jump to get to the falling platforms, don't botch the end, and you're fine.

GRATS, HALFWAY DONE (1-10 is tutorial, 11-25 is first half, 26-40 is the second half).

Level 26: Notice the scaling platforms... you'll be climbing these for a few levels, so remember them well. Very short double jumps will get you up the first two, regular jumps will get you up the last two.
Level 27-29: Just fall and run right, climb platforms, done. Pace yourself so that you can get by the saw... you'll be using that pace a lot. 28-29 are the same, just more intimidating.
Level 30: The keys here are to use a very short midair jump over the fast moving diagonal blade, and to wait on the last platform before the door so you don't commit suicide at the end.
Level 31: Use the high path - the two single blocks that are very high, and the last platform before the door.
Level 32: Can't use the high path for this one. Standard low path tactics EXCEPT: Scoot a little slowly off the starting platforms, and then push hard right into the invisible wall, you can make it by just as the horizontal blade there moves to the left of you. Then standard low path.
Level 33: From this point on take the high path. This is probably the hardest level in the game. Time your jumps so that the bullets miss you, stopping on all three high path platforms, and pray you can dodge bullets and make it to the exit from the last one.
Level 34-37: High path and laugh. The last platform is actually protected, so you can take a nap there. Jump timings are different based on gun locations, and avoid spikes by moving fast (hold right!).
Level 38-39: Wonky spike dodging here. There is an invisible platform just below the horizontal saw below the last platform. When the saw starts heading left, hop down, go beneath the dropping spikes, and hop up to finish. 39 is the same, except the spikes go up.
Level 40: Same as the last two, but more hectic. Hold right, time jumps, run under spikes (go a little extra to the right!), and jump up to win the game.

I got 53 deaths while writing the walkthrough, and not really trying very hard... then again I have beaten the game over ten times.

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^ you deserve a merit, very good walkthrough thank you!

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Somehow... this game is deserve to practice ! I died at most 23 lives !

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You just said "Game over"when you were talking.

then again I have beaten the game over ten times.
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