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What's Wrong With Nintendo?

Posted Apr 23, '13 at 7:08pm



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Nintendo seems to only appeal to its fan base and keep creating remakes of what used to be successful games. I think if Nintendo would just think outside the box and create something that wasn't Mario themed or Zelda themed, something that was actually good. Something that didn't seem like a flash game on a console then I think they would be significantly better.

Also I heard that Apple may be buying out Nintendo, not sure if there is truth to that but i think if they teamed up then Nintendo would sky rocket. Because I have Apple products not Nintendo products


Posted Apr 23, '13 at 7:44pm



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Nintendo thinks outside the box and tries to appeal to different niches of gamer all the time; that isn't the problem. The problem is how they do it.

Also I heard that Apple may be buying out Nintendo
I don't think that's true as Nintendo isn't the sort of company one buys out, it buys other companies out. And I certainly hope it isn't true, we don't need Apple's business model in the games industry.
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