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Has anybody tried Stencyl?

Posted Aug 2, '12 at 11:42am



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I've never programmed in a bunch of languages but never Flash. I can't see myself paying several hundred bucks just to try it out.

That said, has anybody tried Stencyl?


Posted Aug 4, '12 at 12:02am



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Adobe offers a trial version of Flash, so you wouldn't have to pay several hundered dolloars to try it.

And many have asked about Stencyl, short answer being: usable, not recommended.


Posted Aug 8, '12 at 5:30pm



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You could also look into the Flex SDK ( last time I checked). You can use it to write Flash programs.

As for stencyl, I'd avoid it. I've heard it's really easy to use. But of all the many Stencyl 'games' I've seen, very few were actually worth playing.


Posted Aug 8, '12 at 11:40pm



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I have been researching it and so far it is one of my favorite programming softwares

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