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Pitbulls are big, muscular dogs, so they are used for dogfights, which is why they have a bad reputation. But it has already been said, it's about how they were raised. They might look mean, but that doesn't mean they are.


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i got this from facebook so i don't know weather or not it'll show but here are the dogs i was talking about in my last post
and someone said that they aren't all that cute, this will prove you wrong too, although neither are pure bread, one is part Rhodesian Ridgeback and the other (we think) is part (a little bit, not much) mastiff

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First off pit bull is a rather generic term for a number of dog breeds. The studies that indicate their aggression search media new stories for reported attacks. The problem here is such a study doesn't take into account unreported attack, it could further miss relevant reported attacks and the reports could be misidentifying the breed. This last one could end up skewing the results more as time goes on since people get it in their head that the pit bull is dangerous and as a result get's blamed more often. Another thing that this method of study doesn't seem to be taking into account is that many owners of such breeds have a higher chance of having criminal convictions compared to owners of other "low risk" breeds. This would put into question the overall up bringing of many pit bulls.

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