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Posted Aug 3, '12 at 9:38pm



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Achievements:Players can earn achievements by compleeteing games or other things like posting forms or helping out other players.

Groups:Players can join or create a group were the group members can earn achievements for the group.

FaceBook:Players can play useing FaceBook and submit scores so your friend's can see the score.

Multiplayer:You can play with your friends on games.


Posted Aug 3, '12 at 9:46pm



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You should check the stickies.


Posted Aug 3, '12 at 11:12pm



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as far as the multiplayer thing you can play certain games with your friends and you can join groups and clans i have one (the pizza clan) and i am also in the myth clan and read the stickies on the new armor games forum for your discussion on achievements


Posted Aug 4, '12 at 12:48am



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you can join groups and clans

I think he's suggesting to make groups and clans more "official", as in not just a list on someone's profile with a bunch of people's names on it...

Posted Aug 4, '12 at 12:53am



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I think this would be a better translation of what he said:

Achievements:Unlockables ranging from 1 to 10 armorpoints that can be put o your homepage (example: getting over 10,000 points on epic combo redux would get you 2 points, and you could post it there.

Groups: You can form your own or join another. all ag points earned go to everybody in the group (points are cut in half to avoid pointswelling.). Also, earn exclusive items in Online games (NOT MMOs, though.)(i.e. you can earn faster missiles in colony, or the Fryer in Bad eggs online (fryer gets 10-30 damage) as well as exclusive achievments.

Facebook: frequent players who somehow have enough time to set up a facebook account but not enough for the easy signup for AG can use their facebook accounts to easily comment, post a highscore, or simply play with benefits (can't earn AG credits though. Get an AG account for that!).

Multiplayer: more M.O.s, not M.M.Os (difference: MOs are smaller, like colony, the last castle, or bad eggs online)because It's hard to get a high level in Traditional MMOs (ESPESIALLY card-based combat MMos.).

Bob, i wasn't copying your idea. I as just making it clearer. No offense meant Whatsoever to you.

P.S.: i don't know how to make a web, bu maybe i can use 1&1 to make a makeshift site (or somebody else, which would be likely.) So i could take that good rank.


Posted Aug 4, '12 at 2:45pm



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I, Masterforger the First, Envoy of his Greatness-Sheogorath the God of Madness will not let Armor Games have anything to do with Facebook! I came here to get away from that useless site, not to have it come back and haunt me!


Posted Aug 5, '12 at 2:57am



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Please...No facebook...But,I do like the clan idea.I think that AG ITSELF should create games,and you could play thses games with other players in either co-op,or versus.Then you could filter it.Like...only people in your 'clan' can join this game,or only your friends can join this game.Stuff like that.Also,achievements that are unlocked should earn you AP.Like,"Achievement get!:First Blood (+1 AG)"Hope this helps and these suggestions get used!~Mech

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