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favorite actor and actress

Posted Aug 4, '12 at 1:37pm



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who is your favorite actor and actress? why?


Posted Aug 18, '12 at 2:38pm



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Out of several actors I can name (Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Patrick Steward, Johnny Depp, Christopher Lloyd, Lee and Walken, ect), I do like Robin Williams a lot. Why? Because he can be really funny while also playing a serious role. Like his performance in Good Morning Vietnam. Just hilarious but serious at the same time.


Posted Aug 19, '12 at 7:59pm



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My absolute favourite would be Leanardo DiCaprio. He's had a great career and has been a much more memorable actor than others. He just adds to the atmosphere of a movie. Also, he isn't involved in scandal after scandal, much respect.


Posted Aug 19, '12 at 10:25pm



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Favorite Actor right now is Jonathan Statham dude had the best scenes from Expendables 2 and i alredy seen his movies so i'm pointing out someone I like and ppl should know but for as a female actress i dont know yet


Posted Aug 26, '12 at 8:36pm



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If I were to nominate both an actor and an actress, I'd nominate Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner! =)

They pared up fantastically in "Romancing the Stone" and "Jewel of the Nile"!
And "Danny deVito" makes for a good 3rd place there!


Posted Aug 27, '12 at 12:16am



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Jonathan Statham

Jason Statham -_- How dare you spell the name of the one man I would marry wrong

I'd have to go with Edward Norton, Brad Pitt (not because he is Brad Pitt, but because of movies he has done that I love, like Se7en and Fight Club), Jason Statham, and a few others

Posted Aug 29, '12 at 7:32am



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I'm unsure about actor, possibly Liam Neeson at the minute.

Actress is a toss up.
1. Mila Kunis [Future Wife]
2. Rachel McAdams.
3. Emma Stone.

I'll admit talent wise it should go Rachel>Emma>Mila, but i'm in love with the latter.

How Rachel McAdams shot the Notebook and Mean Girls in the same year amazes me.

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