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Forgive me for the last bit, I got too frustrated at trying to think up an epic ending and decided summarize the last part and go with this quick ending.

Prologue: The Siege

The commander trembled with anticipation as the sun set. *Just one more night* he thought. *If we just survive this last night, we'll be free* Silence descended on the fortress as the sun disappeared from

the horizon. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, there was a thunderous rumble and with a massive roar, the nearby mountain rose up and exposed a massive tunnel, and from it, slimes, zombies,

skeletons, creepers, and spiders swarmed out of it and began to surround the plain around the fortress.

"Prepare the explosives!" he ordered as the army advanced towards the castle. "Aaand... Now!" A deafening explosion rocked the earth, and disintegrated thousands of mobs while exposing the lava moat

below. *That should hold them off* the commander thought with a smile. But suddenly, with puffs of smoke, endermen appeared among the army, all of them carrying blocks of wooden planks. They quickly

set to building a bridge, and, within minutes, completely covered the moat. With a rumble of triumph from the creatures, they charged once again at the fortress.

"Trigger the next trap!" the commander yelled as the army advanced closer. "And ready the cannons!" When the mobs reached the next trap, another explosion rocked the earth, and revealed another

lava moat. Although thousands more died, the Endermen again quickly sealed over the moat and they advanced yet again.
"Commander! Permission to launch the cannons now?" One of the soldiers called out. He answered, "Count to five, then send them to the Void." With resounding blasts, blocks of TNT were launched into the

mass of enemies, exploding on contact. Many of the monsters were killed, but all in all, it only seemed to slow them down. Soon, they reached the final trap. The ground fell away, revealing massive tunnels,

and from them, a torrent of iron golems, snow golems, and wolves flooded out and viciously attacked the mobs. It seemed like certain victory was at hand. The attackers were being pushed back from the

fortress little by little, and their numbers seemed to dwindle to almost countable amounts.

*Come on... Just a few more hours...* The commander thought as he watched the battle below. *Just a few more hours and we'll be rid of him from this realm...* Suddenly, the ground trembled violently,

unbalancing him. "Commander!" Marc yelled as he barged into the room. "I think you should come look at this," Marc motioned for the commander to follow him and set off for the nearest guard tower.

He tried to ask what it was, but Marc only shook his head and kept on ascending the tower. When they finally reached the top, Marc pulled out a telescope and handed it to the commander. He took it and

looked out at the army. "What am I supposed to be looking at?" he asked. "There, sir." Marc answered, directing the telescope to the back. The commander's blood ran cold. At the back of the army, A long

streak of swirling purple mist completely surrounded them, and from it poured hundreds of pig zombies, magma cubes, blazes, and ghasts. "And that's not all." Marc redirected the telescope again and

showed him the cavernous tunnel that the mobs came from. The commander's breath stopped as he saw what looked like an endless wave of mobs surging from the tunnel and joining the rest of the army.

He looked down again at the defenders and noticed that only a few were left, the rest slain.

"Well, the best we can hope for now is for the walls to last the night." the commander sighed resignedly and sat down. "The walls and foundation are lined with obsidian. It should hold them off long

enough, so as long as we take care of the ghasts, blazes, and endermen, we'll be able to survive the night." He checked his watch. *Two hours until sunrise.* "Signal our men to prepare to fight. They've

been sitting around all night with nothing to do. I bet they're ready to kill just about anything right now." "Yes, commander." Marc answered and signaled to the other Venturers to prepare for battle. A

loud war cry answered them. "You're right as always commander." he said with a chuckle. They watched solemnly as the archers took their places on the ramparts.

"You should get back to the keep, commander. It's not safe here." an archer said as he climbed out of the trapdoor. The commander nodded and faced Marc. "Are you coming with me?" he asked. Marc

grinned and answered, "What? And let these sad excuses for archers have all the fun?" The commander smiled and started down the ladder. "Take care then Marc, and may Noth protect you."

At the top of the keep, he checked his watch one last time. *Just one more hour until sunrise! We're so close!* As he was thinking this, the lamp in the room flickered off. He ducked down for a moment,

waiting for his eyes to adjust. In the silence he heard a soft poof and smelled the distinctive scent of the End realm.

He unsheathed his sword and paused for a moment. Then, in one swift movement, he spun around and cleanly sliced an enderman in half. It shrieked in pain and dissolved into the pearlescent pebbles of End

stone. He ducked as another one that had appeared behind him tried to smash his head in with a stone block. The commander quickly retaliated and sliced off one of its arms in one fluid movement. The

enderman screamed in pain and disappeared, gone back to the End to regenerate.

Hearing the distant clash of metal downstairs, he opened the door and ran down. By the time he reached the bottom, the fighting had stopped, replaced by an eerie silence. He quietly peeked outside the

door, and saw the aftermath of a massacre. Blood, gore, and severed limbs covered the ground. A mass of zombies were huddled around a pile of dead guards at the center of the corridor, eating noisily.

The commander opened the door and tried to sneak around them. As he moved around them, he accidentally stepped on an arm and tripped. The zombies paused and looked directly at him. He scrambled up

and ran for the door, the zombies close behind. He ran out and slammed the door closed as one of them reached for him, breaking its arm and getting it stuck in the doorjamb.

The commander looked around. The keep was strangely quiet. He ran through the hallways, his footsteps echoing off the stone floor. Some places showed signs of a struggle. A corpse every so often, piles

of bones and ashes, arrows studded in the walls, and bloody smears on the walls and floor. "Is there anyone here?!" He bellowed. As he ran past the central chamber, the door opened and a guard peeked

out. "Sir! In here!" The gaurd whispered loudly.

The central chamber was packed with everyone inside the keep. "Why is everyone in here?" The commander asked. "About half an hour ago, we were ambushed by endermen." One of the guards answered.

"They were carrying zombies and skeletons with them.
There was only a few, though. The fighting was easy until we reached the corridor to the tower. There were so many zombies there..." The gaurd looked down shamefacedly. "We did the best we could to

reach you, but we had too many casualties, we feared that we would just be added to their ranks." The commander patted the guard's shoulder reassuringly. "I understand." He said. "The last moments are

always the most difficult. Let's just hope that nothing worse happens."

*Summarized Ending*

Outside, the mobs suddenly start to turn around and retreat back into the tunnel/N. Portal. The gaurds cheer with joy and relief. Unbeknownst to them, as the mob tunnel sinks back into the ground & N.

Portal distintegrates, several endermen return and quickly start building another portal. As the last portal block is placed, it flares up with an ominous light. Several gaurds notice it and calls a warning

signal. Everyone stops celebrating and once again readies for another assault.

For a short moment nothing happens, then with a massive roar, the Ender Dragon flies out of the portal and into the castle, reducing most of it to rubble and instantly killing many gaurds.

The commander climbs out of the rubble. Having lost grip of his sword in the collapse, he just stands there and watches helplessly as the Ender Dragon destroys his castle, killing his gaurds one by one. A

shadowy figure appears out of thin air approaches. The commander turns and faces him.

"You..." He seethes. The figure forms a smile on its face. "Why hello there, Herobrine. Fancy meeting you here." "You promised-" "I promised," It interrupted, "that if you could best me and my minions for

fifty nights, I would send them all back to the Void, ensuring the safety of the night for all of Allavin. You haven't bested all of my minions." He motions towards the Dragon. "And you still haven't

bested me."

"Give me a sword and more time and I'll slay both of you right now." Herobrine retorted. The figure chuckles. "Silly man, you cannot kill the Entity. At best you can only defeat me. But I'd be humored by your attempt to do even that. Here." An obsidian sword appears in Herobrine's hand. "I'll be generous and give you until sunset to vanquish both of us." Herobrine grips the sword. "That's more than

enough time." He replies. He runs of and fights the Dragon. After several hours of intense fighting, he finally slays it.

"Not too bad." The Entity says. "Let us see if you really do pose a threat agai-*UUGHK*. Herobrine, not hesitating, had plunged the sword deeply into the Entity's chest. It screams and disappears in a blinding flash of light. The sword remains on the ground. Herobrine walks over and picks it up. Suddenly, the blade starts emitting a shadow and it quickly creeps up his arm. He cries out and tries to let go, but he can't. *You thought you killed me, didn't you?* He heard in his head. *Did you seriously think I could be bested that easily, fool?* The shadow completely envelopes him. Herobrine collapses on the ground, screaming and trembling in agony.

After a while he becomes silent and sits up again. His eyes are completely white, and glowing with an unearthly light. *Who am I?* He wonders for a moment, confused. Then he remembers. *Ah, yes. That was what it was. I am Herobrine, Herobrine the Entity.* He feels something wrong. *Something's missing, something important. What is it?* He closes his eyes

and looks within him. *It wasn't what, it was who.* He opens his eyes and looks directly at me. "YOU."

*End of Prologue*

Chapter One is supposed to begin with Steve waking up from a nightmare. (The prologue^, which is also in his point of veiw)

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