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Posted Jun 10, '08 at 2:27pm



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If you like fr2 then this is the place to go. Click to get right in the action. It is the new Free_Rider_Contest and the winner will even win AP. So enter your best map and see what happens. Hurry because there is a deadline.


Posted Jun 10, '08 at 2:37pm



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here's my new map
+comment on my progfile if you liked and if you can do better

-18 1i 18 1i 5a 1i 7q a 7q k 50 1i 4m 1i 7q u 7q 18,76 1i 7q -1i 7q -1s 7q -84 7q -5a 76 -84 6s -84 7q -5k 7q -5u 6i -84 68 -84 7q -68 7q -6i 5u -84 5k -84 7q -6s 7q -76 5a -84 50 -84 7q -7g 7q -7q 4m -84 42 -84 -k -84 -5a -84 -5a -50 -5a -1s -5a 18 -5a 4c -50 7g -5a 4m -4m 7g,7q -1i 7q -18 6s 1i 6i 1i 7q -u 7q -k 68 1i 5u 1i 7q -a 7q 0 5k 1i 7q 1i 7q -1i,5k 1i 5a 1i,7g 1i 7q -1s,7q -50 7g -84,7q -50 7q -5a,42 -84 4c -84 7q -84,-26 -84 -5a -7q,-2g -84 -5a -7g,-2q -84 -5a -76,-34 -84 -5a -6s,-3e -84 -5a -6i,-3o -84 -5a -68,-42 -84 -5a -5u,-4c -84 -5a -5k,-4m -84 -5a -5a,-50 -84 -5a -50,-5a 4c -5a 7g -26 7g u 7g 42 7g 76 7g aa 7g ak 7g de 6s de 6i au 7g b8 7g de 68 de 5u bi 7g bs 7g de 5k de 5a c6 7g cg 7g de 50 de 4m cq 7g d4 7g de 4c de 42 de 7g de 76 aa 7g de 7g,-5a 50 -4c 7g,-5a 5a -42 7g,-5a 5k -3o 7g,-5a 5u -3e 7g,-5a 68 -34 7g,-5a 6i -2q 7g,-5a 6s -2g 7g,-5a 76 -26 7g,aa 7g de 7g,oc 3o oc 42 oc -8o oc -bs o2 -f0 no -f0 oc -c6 oc -cg ne -f0 oc -cq oc -d4 n4 -f0 mq -f0 oc -de oc -do mg -f0 ls -f0 li -f0 -76 -f0 -bs -f0 -bs -a0 -bs -bs -bs -c6 -b8 -f0,oc -9m oc -a0,oc -aa oc -ak oc -au,oc -b8 oc -bi,oc -bs oc -f0 l8 -f0 li -f0 oc -em oc -f0,ls -f0 m6 -f0 oc -e2 oc -ec ls -f0,-bs -bs -bi -f0 -bs -bs,-bs -cg -au -f0,-bs -cq -ak -f0,-bs -d4 -aa -f0,-bs -de -a0 -f0,-bs -do -9m -f0,-bs -e2 -9c -f0,-bs -ec -92 -f0,-bs -em -8o -f0,-bs -aa -bs aa -bs ak -bs do -8o do cq do 13a do 146 dp 15b dk 16g dg 17p d8 195 cq 1ai c9 1c2 bo 1da bd 1ej b3 1g1 as 1hh an 1j3 ao 1kk b4 1m6 bm 1nj ci 1op dl 1pq et 1qs g5 1s0 hc 1t5 ij 1ub jp 1vi kv 20p m5 221 na 23a og 24j pm 25v qv 27a sc 28d tr 29c va 2ab 10o 2bc 126 2cc 13l 2de 153 2el 16g 2g7 17t 2i0 194 2jh 19r 2l0 1af 2n0 1b1 2ou 1b7 2qs 1ba 2sp 1b6 2um 1an,-8o do -bs de -bi de -92 do -9c do -bs d4 -bs cq -9m do -a0 do -bs cg -bs c6 -aa do -ak do -bs bs -bs bi -au do -b8 do -bs b8 -bi do,2um 1an 30h 1a7 32c 19k 347 18r 360 17o 37n 16f 39d 154 3am 143 3c0 12v 3da 11r 3ej 10n 3fq vi 3h1 ue 3i7 tb 3jq s4,3jq s4 3l5 rt 3lv tb 3mf vb 3mu 10j 3nu uu 3p9 va 3qp un 3rj 104 3rv ud 3th vo 3v0 us 3vq tv 409 ve 40f 10a 41e ut 424 ts 43d su 453 tc 46d uj 47n vq 48v 110 4a8 124 4bi 138 4cv 14b 4ec 15d 4fr 16f 4h6 17g 4ih 18h 4jp 19l 4l2 1aq 4me 1c6 4ni 1dm 4oa 1f6 4p1 1gl 4pm 1i7 4qa 1js 4r1 1lj 4rr 1nb 4so 1p4 4to 1qu 4uq 1sn 4vp 1u1 50q 1va 51t 20h 534 21l 54c 22o 55m 23n 57g 24t 59b 25t 5ba 26p,5ba 26p 5d8 27j 5f8 28a 5h8 28p 5j7 291 5l5 29a 5n2 29k 5p0 29v 5qs 2a9 5s9 2a7 5tm 2a2 5us 29p 60c 292 61o 289 637 27b 64n 26d 669 25e 67s 24i 69e 23q 6ak 23p 6bb 256 6cq 25l 6do 27b 6f0 275 6g3 26k 6h9 25r 6i8 24f 6jb 239 6kk 237 6m3 23r 6nd 24i 6or 25b 6qb 264 6ru 26s 6th 27k 6v6 28b 70s 293 72j 29p 74a 2ag 762 2b6 77q 2bt 79i 2cj 7bb 2d9 7d4 2dv 7et 2el 7gk 2fd 7ia 2g6 7jv 2h1 7lj 2hu 7n6 2it 7op 2jv,7op 2jv 7qc 2l1 7s0 2m3 7tj 2n5 7v6 2o7 80q 2pb 82d 2qf 83v 2rl 85i 2sr 876 2u1 88p 2v6 8ac 30b 8c0 31g 8dj 32l 8f7 33r 8gq 34v 8ib 367 8jq 37g 8l7 38q 8ml 3a5 8o1 3bg 8pa 3ct 8qh 3ed 8rm 3fu 8sr 3hf 8tu 3j1 8ut 3kk 8vn 3m9 90f 3nv 917 3pm 925 3rf 935 3ta 948 3v5 95e 40v 96b 42a 979 43m 989 451 99b 46c 9ae 47m 9bj 48u 9cp 4a5 9e1 4ba 9fb 4cd 9go 4de 9i6 4ed 9jl 4f8 9l4 4g1 9n2 4gt 9ov 4hl 9qs 4i8 9sp 4io,9sp 4io 9un 4j3 a0l 4jc a2j 4ji a4g 4jn a6d 4jp a8b 4jq aa9 4jo ac7 4jm ae5 4ji ag2 4jd ai0 4j7 ajt 4j2 alp 4it ann 4io apk 4ii arh 4ic ate 4i7 avb 4i3 b18 4hu b34 4hp b51 4hk b6t 4hf b8q 4ha bam 4h5 bci 4h0 bed 4gp bg5 4gj bhu 4gc bjn 4g5 blf 4fv bn9 4fo bp1 4fi bqr 4fb bsk 4f5 bud 4ev c06 4ep c20 4ej c3p 4ec c5i 4e6 c7c 4e0 c96 4dq cav 4dk ccp 4de cei 4d8 cgc 4d2,cgk 4d8 ckm 4d8 csq 4d8,ct4 4cu cto 4cu,ct4 4ck cto 4ck,cto 4ca ct4 4ca,ct4 4c0 cto 4c0,cto 4bm ct4 4bm,ct4 4bc cto 4bc,cto 4b2 ct4 4b2,ct4 4ao cto 4ao,cu2 4ck cum 4ck,cu2 4c0 cum 4c0,cum 4bc cu2 4bc,cu2 4ao cum 4ao,cto 4ae ct4 4ae cte 4ae,cv0 4ca cvk 4ca,cvk 4bm cv0 4bm,cv0 4b2 cvk 4b2,cvu 4bc d0i 4bc,d0i 4c0 cvu 4c0,d0s 4bm d1g 4bm,d2e 4a4 d2e 4cu d2o 4cu d2o 4a4 d3c 4ao d32 4b2 d3c 4bc d32 4bm d32 4c0 d3c 4c0 d32 4bm d3c 4bm d3c 4bc d32 4bc d32 4b2 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Posted Jun 10, '08 at 8:24pm



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