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Is Assad a good President for Syria?

Posted Aug 11, '12 at 10:20am



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Well I personally don't think so. But I need your opinions as well. Homework... : (


Posted Aug 11, '12 at 11:05am



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why? because there is a civil war?

i think he is not good, but not because what is going on. my reason is that he role by telling stories. of what we, "the evil monsterus 'zionists'" will do to the syrians if he wont guard. he also choose the wrong alliance. now days, its the western world, and the axis - iran north-korea, and the support of russia instead of USA.
so, instead of giving his people prosperty and peace, he keeping push them to war. we in Israel want peace, and im not sure if my opinion is the majority, but there are alot of people who are willing even to talk about the gollan. but the syrians want a "full win". they want to kick us to the sea or nothing.

even more, his regiem is based on an ethnic group, the alauims {not sure what they called in english}, while they are not the majority in syria. so he must give the prime jobs to the one who close to him, which make a spearating between the peoples and the leaders.


Posted Aug 11, '12 at 11:29am



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Hm? That's strange, from what I've heard, Syria wasn't exactly hostile to Israel. Not friendly either, mind you, but no intention of kicking you out of the sea.

Anyway, Assad is definitely a bad president. His father was president before him, and I don't know if it goes back further but it's gotten to a family business, which is always bad. The people started demonstrating and he repressed them with violence; second bad thing. He got massive critique from all other countries except Russia and China, and he doesn't care at all; third thing. The military also doesn't hesitate to purchase fugitives across the borders to the neighbour countries, risking further escalation of the situation; fifth thing. And there's surely more.

I don't blame everything exclusively on him; the rebels are guilty of crimes too, namely executing their captives. But Assad could have prevented the escalation and he didn't. Probably just because he didn't want to loose powers.


Posted Aug 11, '12 at 5:20pm



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Israel is surrounded by people who dislike them.

Anyway, The Guy is devious if nothing else, and not in the good way. He has disguised/relocated his main army every time that one of the UN Officials come snooping around, so as to create the illusion that he is a good leader. When the officials leave, then he puts back the bulk of his army, and then demolishes whatever his targets are.

Executing their captives may be the only thing they can really do with them, considering that they have to keep relocating, and prisoners would know were they are positioned, and if they escape, the rebel's could be wiped out.

Personally, I think that there is too much bloodshed over there that doesn't have to be. Too many (innocent) civilians killed.



Posted Aug 13, '12 at 12:06pm



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Hm? That's strange, from what I've heard, Syria wasn't exactly hostile to Israel. Not friendly either, mind you, but no intention of kicking you out of the sea.

Syria is officially at war with Israel, thought they have a cease-fire. Syrians still consider the golan heights as rightfully belonging to them (an invaluable strategic asset-you can see Tel Aviv and Damascus from the top on a clear day). Just my 2 cents.

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